Blackstone Griddle Coating Coming Off

Blackstone Griddle Coating Coming Off (Solution)

No matter the Blackstone griddle model you use, it will flake due to the drying up of the griddle’s seasoning. This is why it is advisable not to underseason or overseason your griddle because it will create problems and cause the coating to come off. Poor maintenance makes this possible, so you must carefully consider your griddles after each use.

Cleaning it after use makes the journey a hassle-free one. Imagine taking a free bus to the park. Do you know how soothing that feels? It is one thing to know that your griddle will be in good shape because of good maintenance, and it is another thing to wear and tear so early due to improper care of the griddle.

Indeed, it is inarguably true that Blackstone griddles are modified to resist wear and tear but do you know that seasoning is essential? If your griddle is not seasoned after each use, it will be susceptible to rust, pose other problems and wear off fast. To prevent such from taking place, you need to carefully note the essential steps you need to take.

To partake of this icing on the cake, stay with us to know the information you seek about your griddle. 

Are Blackstone Griddles Coated?

Do you know that seasoning helps to create a non-stick coat on the cooking surface of your griddle? So here it is, yes; Blackstone griddles must be seasoned before trying to cook them. With this, you shield your top grills from flakes, rust, and other possible adverse outcomes.

Why is the Coating Coming Off my Blackstone?

You tend to cook on your Blackstone griddle surface and not take care of it as it might be stressful for you after each successful cooking. More importantly, when you begin to see the coatings which were supposed to initially protect the surface of the griddle. Only two things are responsible for this, low maintenance and improper care of the griddle. Cooking on the surface allows more residue; if it is poorly cared for, the residues begin to burn more on the surface, which also causes flaking.

Is it normal for Blackstone Griddle to Rust?

Blackstone griddles are modified for wear and tear resistance during the longest duration possible. Living in an area close to the sea or an area that is always moist and humid makes your griddles susceptible to rust. If eventually, you do not take proper care of your griddle, this is even worse because iron + oxygen + water always gives you rust (the reddish-brown situation).

Blackstone Griddle Coating Coming Off – How to fix?

As established, the coating coming off your Blackstone griddle is referred to as Flaking, and the process used to fix it is called Reseasoning.

All said and done, why is your Blackstone griddle coating coming off? Have you thought of the reason for this? It does not matter how great a product is; if it is not well cared for properly, it will begin to wear off quickly.

The cooking surface must be well cared for and maintained as these two reasons are the possible things that make the coat come off. It might not resonate with you, but the appropriate time to reseason is before and after every use for a good cooking experience and storage. This is fixable if your griddle’s cooking top begins to dry and peels off.

All you need is to scrape the old seasoning off and reseason the cooking surface again. Are you trying to do this, and do you need help? We are always here for you. How do you remove the old seasoning from your griddle?

 Now take a metal scrapper and scrape off the debris of the cooking top, then make use of a griddle stone or sandpaper to gently rub off the old seasoning.

After scraping the oil off the surface, wipe it out with a paper towel. Use a little water with the towel on the surface before you re-season it. Always store your griddles in a humid-free environment; it will save them from rust. Cook your meals with an extra smile, knowing you’re getting the best from the amount of work you put into ensuring its maintenance.

Tip: If you need to re-season your griddle cooking surface. Make use of the Blackstone Griddle Refurbishment Kit or the 8-Piece Cleaning kit. Blackstone always comes through for their customers, and these products are available at Walmart.

Can You Ruin a Blackstone Griddle?

Absolutely yes! You can ruin a Blackstone griddle. The most vital types of equipment can wear off if poorly cared for. Griddles usually get ruined when they begin to rust, which is caused by exposure to moisture or water. Your griddle needs as much attention if you need it to last, even though it was made to resist wear and tear. However, when storing your griddle, ensure not to place heavy equipment over it because it can get damaged.

How Do I Fix Blackstone Peeling?

This is quite a way more straightforward than you imagine. Although your griddle surface may begin to dry and peel off, using too much water while cleaning causes this, coupled with the drying up of the seasoning. How do you fix this? You need a metal scraper, gently scrape off the seasoning (protective coating), and re-season your griddle surface.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

●     Do Blackstone griddles have a nonstick coating?

No Blackstone griddle comes with a nonstick coating which is supposed to act like a protective covering over the griddle top. The buyer gets to season the cooking surface after purchase before using the Blackstone griddle. If you need an excellent cooking journey and usage, the top recommended and the essential tip is to season your griddle top.

●     What is Blackstone coated with?

Blackstone griddles are seasoned with cooking oil. Oils are mainly used because they help stop moisture (Oxygen, water) from touching the grilling surface. A new Blackstone model uses Graphene Application. It was gathered that it helps to reduce the potency of wear and tear; it also reduces friction as opposed to the general Blackstone models known to the public.

Final Words

With all things being said, poor maintenance leaves your griddle no choice but to flake or wear out easily. Is your griddle showing some coatings coming off it? Do not panic, and it is only natural to feel a little worried. Season after each use and between heavy meal preparation, you’re caring well for your Blackstone griddle.

Think of how your skin exfoliates a few times, flaking might not be so much of a deal, but you have to always pay attention to Seasoning and Re-seasoning your top grill. As the case may be, you need not be afraid; your grill is not ruined; simply make sure to Season it. Always remember that the flakes are not the only thing to consider, rust and burnt foods or debris are also a part of what can damage your cooking surfaces.

Imagine cooking on your grill, and because it was poorly maintained, the previous residues mix with your foods and are visible during consumption. Take good care of your griddles, and you will be glad you did. Preventing your foods from burning also helps to keep off the stress of needing to scrape stubborn debris off your cooking top grills.

If you need a Blackstone griddle, their official website is always open to receive new customers!

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