Blackstone Griddle Flaking – Causes, Prevention and Solution

Blackstone Griddle Flaking – Causes, Prevention and Solution

One of the best options for people looking for outdoor kitchen appliances to prepare various meals, from lunch to breakfast and dinner recipes, is the Blackstone griddle. It works well to prepare foods like rice, eggs, bacon, veggies, meat, chicken meat, and BBQ.

Given that they must withstand high temperatures, these grills are constructed from premium materials. However, if this blackstone griddle isn’t consistently maintained and cared for, it could result in flaking.

So, in this article, we’ll be looking at whether it is a new normal for a blackstone griddle to be flaking, the causes of blackstone griddle flaking, and how to fix your blackstone griddle effectively. I’m certain you can’t wait to dive in deeper with me. Let’s go!

Is It A New Normal For My Blackstone Griddle to Be Flaking?

No. Blackstone Griddles’ products are renowned all over the world for their sturdiness. For their griddle tops and general framework, they only use the best and highest-quality components and materials. A rolled carbon 7-Gauge steel base with a stainless-steel basting top is a feature of most of their grills.

So, to sum it up, no. It’s quite unlikely that the rust on your Blackstone Griddle is the cause of the surface flaking off. Metal alloys coat the steel with a layer of protection and stop corrosive qualities. Because of this, if you see your Blackstone Griddle flaking, don’t panic and assume that the grill’s top is coming off completely.

Due to stainless steel being resistant to corrosion, it’s quite unlikely that the surface of your Blackstone Griddle will rust. So, it’s not a new normal for your blackstone griddle to flake. It could be due to certain things you’ve failed to give attention to. Take a look at some causes of blackstone griddle flaking.

Causes Of Blackstone Griddle Flaking

If your blackstone griddle is flaking. Here are the causes below:

  • Lack Of Proper Seasoning

When we talk about seasoning, we need you to understand that it’s not about the normal seasoning you’re used to, like adding Maggi, pepper, and salt to your cooking. Seasoning in the griddle means basting your griddle top with all the essential lubricants and oils that give your blackstone griddle a protective layer.

Seasoning your griddle top layers makes the griddle surface non-stick, which prevents food residues from sticking. Forgetting to season your Blackstone griddle top properly can cause the surface to flex.

  • Not Maintaining Your Blackstone Griddle Properly

It is never enough to season your griddle top just once or to wipe away any grease stains after cooking. If you don’t perform it correctly, it might cause more damage than good on the surface. For instance, it is not advisable to clean grease with a solvent that contains soap because this can also dissolve the seasoning coatings.

Also, one of the many maintenance errors that shorten the lifespan of your Blackstone Griddle is this one. For instance, if you use a scraper to remove food unevenly or diagonally, the sharp metal would leave scratches on the grill’s surface. Over time, these scratched areas will continue to lose structural stability and flake off.

How to Prevent My Blackstone Griddle From Flaking

If your Blackstone griddle is flaking, you’re probably not cleaning it properly enough. As food and oil residue accumulates, it begins to peel away and contaminates your meal. So, clean it after each usage and frequently season it to avoid flaking.

After cooking, the best approach to clean your Blackstone grill is to use a scraper to get rid of as much grime as you can. The tough areas will be easier to remove with warm water. Neither soap nor other cleaning agents should be used. They might be damaging and even compromise the quality of the food you prepare on your flat top.

Remove any remaining grease or food particles by wiping the surface with warm water and a cloth or paper towel. To prevent sticking when you cook, add a very thin layer of cooking oil to the whole surface of your grill before covering it up again.

How Do I Reseason My Blackstone Griddle?

The Blackstone griddle’s uniqueness is that it can rarely be irreparably damaged. No matter how greasy, caked on, flaking, or rusted the surface becomes, you may restore it to its previous beauty by blasting all that debris away and reaching the original surface.

Even the worst Blackstone peeling or rust may be removed quickly with an angle grinder or power drill equipped with a paint and rust scraper. Until all that debris is gone, exercise a little patience and thoroughly scrub the surface. Use an orbital sander to remove the last few tiny fragments after cleaning most of them. As you move along, a face mask and a set of safety goggles may come in handy because there will be a lot of dust generated.

You’ll need to take a shower once you’re done because it’s a messy, gritty task. And be ready for some stiff shoulders and arms! Before you begin grilling on it again, once you’ve reached the initial surface, you must rationalize it. Just keep in mind to apply a tiny layer of oil; otherwise, you’ll find yourself sanding it down once more.

Ways You Can Fix Your Blackstone Griddle Effectively

Blackstone griddle flaking is fairly common, indicating that your griddle requires thorough cleaning to fix it back in working order. Here is a step-by-step user guide for removing flaking from your flat surface. A grill stone, cooking oil, a metal scraper, and plenty of paper towels are recommended.

  • Set The Griddle Heat Too High

First, turn on the blackstone griddle and ensure the heat temperature is set to high once the top has heated and it’s very hot; get a metal scraper and peel off the flaking as much as possible.

  • Turn It Off and Set It To Work

Turn down the heat of the grill and let the surface area cool. The dust and debris can then be removed. You can use grill stone, one of the best grilling tools on the market, or steel wool should scrap the whole surface of the grill after adding a few tablespoons of cooking oil. Work slowly and diligently until all flaking is removed.

  • Wipe Down Your Blackstone Griddle Top

Use paper towels to wipe down your blackstone griddle top. Sprinkle some oil on it and wipe it straight down the second time. Get your grill stone again if there are still areas you missed out on while waiting for the surface.

Ensure you continue to scrub and apply oils until there are no traces of a stain on the griddle top. Finally, season your blackstone grill for the last time to create a protective layer and prevent sticking and flexing.

Final Thought

Lastly, do not be afraid if you discover that your blackstone griddle layer is flaking off. You can get it fixed back by going through all that is mentioned above. With proper maintenance, you can prevent your griddle from flaking. Also, do not forget to always season the surface properly.

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