Blackstone Griddle Low Flame

Blackstone Griddle Low Flame

Griddles are popular and known for how well they cook food. You can cook anything on your Blackstone Griddle ranging from eggs, steak, cheese, burger, and more. There is no actual limit to the type of food you can cook on a Griddle as long as it is seasoned properly.

To cook well on your Blackstone Griddle, you must heat it to a certain degree. If your Griddle doesn’t heat up well, then there is a problem. When your Griddle has a low flame, your cooking will slow. You need the heat to be just right for you to make the best meals.

If you are wondering why your Griddle has low flame, this article is for you.

Why Does Your Blackstone Griddle Have Low Flame?

Blackstone Griddles are well produced to cook foods well and last a long time. Well, that does not mean any fault cannot arise. Although your Griddle can have issues, they can be resolved when the cause is revealed.

If your Blackstone gives low flame, you can’t have enough heat to cook your food well. The low flame issue is not something difficult to resolve.

The propane regulator is the major and most common reason your Griddle is not heating up as it should. Sometimes it could be that you need to change the pipe, especially when there’s a leak.

It is not in all cases of low flame that the pipe busted; it may not be fixed properly. You just have to remove the pipe and fix it again. Even though that method may not work, that should not stop you from trying. Sometimes, you need to change the hose to a completely new one.

Reasons Why Your Griddle Has Low Flame

When your Blackstone Griddle has low flame, something must be wrong. There are some reasons why your Griddle may have a low flame issue. Here are the major reasons why your Griddle does not heat up properly;

Is it your first time using your Blackstone Griddle?

You could have missed out on how you should set your Griddle to heat up as it should, especially if you are a newbie Griddle user. The solution to resolving the low flame is simple; you just need to follow the instructions in the manual to set your Griddle appropriately.

You don’t have to do the Griddle set-up yourself, especially if you have difficulty figuring out how to do it. You can call a customer support line to get better guidance on setting up the Griddle. Immediately the setup is done accordingly, and you get the high heat to cook well.

Propane tank is off or Empty

Another reason your Griddle may have low flame is that it could be off. Sometimes new Blackstone users forget to switch on the propane tank. That’s why it is advisable to read the instructions to set your Griddle properly.

 Your propane tank could be empty, and you might not know it. Invariably, your Blackstone Griddle will not heat up as it should. Always check if your tank has enough fuel to heat the Griddle.

The best way to know there’s fuel in the propane tank is by weighing it. When it is weighed, you’ll know if you need to refill. You can keep an extra-filled fuel tank at home to change to whenever you are out of fuel.

Clogged Burners

Griddles are made with more than one burner to ensure the flames keep burning appropriately to cook well. If you notice the flame of your Blackstone is quite low, the burners may be blocked by debris.

The clogged burners can be fixed easily; you just need to use a sharpened needle to unblock the burner. You can install the burners back after clearing them with the needles and check if it works by putting on the flame.

Ignition Issue

The ignition is a vital part of a Griddle; you can light up your grill without an ignition. That spark you need to heat your Blackstone comes from the ignition. Once the ignition is faulty, you won’t be able to heat your Blackstone Griddle.

Batteries power most ignition of Griddles. So, if your ignition is not working, I guess it’s time you change the battery. Although battery installation for your Griddle’s ignition may not be simple, it is advisable to use the manual to fix it correctly.

The batteries that are powering the ignition were not installed well. You can reinstall the same batteries tightly and try the ignition again. The error with the ignition can be two major issues: new batteries or a reinstall of the same batteries.

What makes your Blackstone Griddle Burners low?

Having low burners is not good if you want to enjoy cooking on your Griddle. The problem could be with the ignition batteries or even the regulators.

When the battery of your ignition is not fixed tightly, it won’t spark and light up. You must fix the batteries correctly and tightly for your Griddle to heat up properly.


Low flame is a minor problem that occurs when using a Griddle. You might be unaware that your propane tank is already empty or off. You should always note what could be wrong with your Blackstone before you know what to do to get the flame up.

If your Griddle has low flame, it is not your Blackstone that has a problem. It could be your regulators fixed with your propane tank that has an issue. You should ensure the regulators attached to your Blackstone and tank are properly fixed.

The common and major reasons why your grill has low flame could be that your burners are clogged, the ignition is not working appropriately, or the propane pipe is not fixed tightly. Ensure your burners are not clogged, and the propane tank is properly fixed to your Blackstone Griddle. If your burners are clogged, unblock them and light them up again.

Fixing these problems is very easy. It is best to follow the manual instructions or call the helpline.

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