Can I Leave My Blackstone Griddle Outside in the Winter

Can I Leave My Blackstone Griddle Outside in the Winter

Finding the right place to store your Blackstone griddle during winter can be quite a hassle. If your space is cramped or occupied, you might need more creative options to help you maintain your high-prized griddle. You can save money and make the most of your appliance.

Griddles are made with durable materials that last for years. Although Griddles may not last for as long as they should when it is not properly maintained. Keeping your Griddle in a covered or closed space during winter is highly recommended.

Even though Griddle needs enough clearance wherever it’s kept or used, it doesn’t stop you from keeping it on a patio. It is not always advisable, but you want to prevent your Griddle from winter damage.

When you’re done cooking with your griddle, leaving it outside, especially during winter, can be disastrous. This article will teach you the best ways to store your griddle and how to improve its longevity.

Best Ways to Store your Blackstone Griddle during Winter

Storing your Blackstone Griddle is not difficult, but knowing how best to do it is key. There are different ways to keep your Griddle, especially during winter.

Leaving your Griddle outside is not a taboo, but it must be stored well. You have to follow some precautions to keep your griddle from harmful elements.

I know you might not like moving your Griddle up and down. So, you can get a cover for your Griddle to keep it safe when it’s raining.

When your Griddle is covered, it is safe from rusting even during winter. Although there’s one thing you must not forget before storing your Griddle, you should drizzle some oil on its surface. That way, it won’t rust. 

During winter, you can keep your griddle under your deck or patio. Just make sure you have enough clearance around your Blackstone Griddle. You should get a hardcover for your grill.

What is Your Griddle Made Of?

Blackstone Griddles are mostly made of steel. Naturally, steel is prone to rust when not well stored.

Keeping your Griddle cooking surface well is important. You don’t want your grill rusting because it can easily get rusted. Griddle surfaces are built with normal steel.

Having an amazing cook experience is guaranteed with Griddle cooking surfaces. But you should ensure it is well-cleaned and stored in a covered area, especially when placed outside.

Outside is the best place to keep your Griddle, but it must be appropriately cleaned and seasoned before storing it. It is advisable you get a lid for your griddle and also have a resistant cover over it.

4 Best Tips on How to Store your Griddle

I know you would not like to see your Blackstone Griddle rust. So, here are the four major tips for storing your Griddle well;

1.  Clean your Griddle surface

It is best to always clean the surface of your Blackstone Griddle properly after cooking. That way, you won’t have residues from cooking left on it. It will last longer.

2.  Oil your Griddle

After cleaning before storing your Griddle, you need to keep the surface oily to prevent it from rusting. Oil the surface of the Griddle a bit, not too much.

Add enough good oil to make the surface safe from moisture. When you add excess oil to it, it will become sticky when you cook. You don’t want that, right?

3.  Leave the oil on your Griddle

You don’t need to season the Blackstone too much, but a thin layer of oil is enough. Storing your Griddle outside when it’s oil-wet is good, especially during winter and summer.

4.  Get a Lid for your Griddle and store it in a good area

Having a cover for your Griddle is the best to prevent it from the effects of the different Climate conditions. It can get windy during winter, so you should cover your Griddle with a lid. That way, debris won’t get blown on it by the wind.

Most house owners own a Blackstone, and keeping it outside ensures safety. However, you may have to change where it is kept outside, especially during winter. You should keep it in a safe space where the wind won’t be too much.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your Griddle be affected by the cold weather?

Yes, the surface of your griddle is at risk of warping when it is cold. Consider putting your Blackstone in a safe area from the cold.

How do I prevent my Griddle from rusting?

Cleaning your Griddle properly and oiling it a little after use is the best way to keep it from rusting. Don’t leave your grill outside without cleaning it after cooking. Also, make sure you scrape off all the sticky debris on its surface before oiling it.

Can I use my Blackstone outside during winter?

Cooking on your Griddle during winter is possible. You can have a better cooking experience than in the summertime. It’s always hot during summer, and you won’t want to grill when the sun is scorching.

Can you Store your Blackstone Griddle outside?

Yes, you can, but you must follow some safety precautions. Always cover your Griddle up with a lid and switch off the tank. It is safely kept outside during any weather when you follow the right procedure.

Is it OK to put my Grill in my Garage during winter?

Although it is best recommended to use your Grill outside, it is advisable to cook indoors during winter. You need enough clearance for your Blackstone Griddle before you store it indoors.


You can keep your Griddle outside, but you must store it properly. Get a weather-resistant cover for your Griddle, which is the best way to store it, especially during winter.

Always clean and oil your Griddle’s surface properly before storage. To prevent rust, it is good to oil your Blackstone Griddle. You won’t have to worry about rust even when you store it for a long time. It will be in perfect condition.

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