Can You Cut on a Blackstone Griddle

Can You Cut on a Blackstone Griddle

Cutting a big chunk of meat or a bulb of onions while cooking on your griddle is often an activity you want to finish quickly. However, you must wonder if you can cut your ingredients on a Blackstone griddle to make your work faster.

Blackstones are built to be scratch-resistant, so using a knife often to chop on it may damage it. However, it is not an entirely bad idea to cut the meat/food into smaller pieces directly on the surface of your Griddle. You may save your food from getting contaminated.

Just ensure you reduce the frequency you cut on your Blackstone griddle so it can last long.

Can I cut with a Knife on my Griddle?

Yes, you can. Griddles are made with strong materials that can allow you safely and easily cut food into tiny bits. Your griddle won’t be damaged on one condition: you don’t use it every time.

If you are using a knife in your Griddle, you are taking a huge risk. There’s still a remedy for the knife and Griddle, but it won’t always work.

Although the sharp mouth of your knife may get blunt, you can always sharpen it again. That doesn’t stop you from chopping when cooking on your Griddle.

Can You Cut On Your Blackstone Griddle?

This question is a common one among users of Griddle. The curiosity about what will happen to your Blackstone Griddle if you chop on it has spurred this question. I will answer that question by telling you the pros and cons of cutting on your Blackstone.

You certainly do not want to damage the surface of your Griddle. I am sure that’s why you don’t want to try to cut on it. Guess what! Nothing harmful will happen if you cut on your Blackstone Griddle today.

The Griddle’s hardware won’t be affected at all, but the layer of seasoning might be damaged, especially from constant cutting on the surface. When you often cut on your Griddle, you will notice some lines from the knife, allowing the surface affected to become sticky.

You won’t like to see your riddle starting to rust and become sticky. And you can only have an amazing cooking experience when your Blackstone Griddle is non-stick. If your season layer happens to be affected, don’t worry. All you need to do is to re-season your Griddle.

Cooking on a non-stick surface is the dream of every Blackstone user. So, you may not cut on your Griddle at all. There are some better alternatives than using a knife. I will talk about it further in this article.

Can Cutting on a Blackstone Damage my Knife?

Yes, it can. Using a knife on your Griddle is not advisable. Your knife will get blunt whenever it is used often to chop on your Blackstone Griddle. So, it is best not to use it as it may get blunt.

Even though you can sharpen your knife anytime it’s not cutting well; it might get to a stage where it becomes unrepairable. Then, the knife will be rendered useless. Who wants to use a knife that’s not sharp enough? Nobody.

You can still decide to use a knife on your Blackstone Griddle, but make sure you don’t do it every time. You should do your cutting on another utensil.

Best Alternatives to Consider Instead of Using a Knife on your Griddle

I am sure you will not want to always endure the stress of re-season your Grill every time the seasoned layer is damaged. Some safe alternatives allow you to cut on a Blackstone Griddle without damaging the seasoned layer.

Here are the best cutting alternatives to consider as a Blackstone user;

Griddle Spatula

It is much safer to use a Blackstone spatula instead of cutting with a knife. Just like a knife, the spatula comes with a sharpened edge that you can use to chop food when cooking.

You don’t have to worry about the heat when using a Griddle spatula. It is heat-resistant. Damage cannot be done to the spatula because it is durable.

The Blackstone spatula may be sharp but cannot damage your Griddle’s seasoned layer. It is not risky compared to using a knife. You don’t always have to use a spatula, and you can chop on a board after cooking the food on your Blackstone before the presentation.

Blackstone Cutting Board

Another alternative is using a Blackstone cutting board. You can easily chop meat or veggies on the board placed directly on the Griddle cooking surface. The board is designed to resist heat, like the Blackstone spatula.

There are two designs of the Blackstone cutting board, one is wooden, and the other is silicon. The wooden board’s height is 2 inches long, having four feet allowing it to be safely placed on the Griddle.

The silicon board is not placed on the grill by the side. You easily work on the board at the side of the Griddle. It is easy to clean after usage.

You don’t have to worry about getting burnt from chopping on your Blackstone. When you are cutting on the wooden board, you rest assured of your safety.

Is it possible to Scratch your Blackstone Griddle?

Yes, but it depends on how you use your Griddle when cutting on it. If you want to cut tough meat, you might be so harsh with the knives and end up scratching the Griddle’s surface.

It is good to allow the meat to become tender before chopping it into tiny bits. Use a Griddle spatula instead of a knife; it will chop the meat nicely without causing any scratches to your Blackstone.


Cutting or chopping on your Griddle while cooking can be risky and damaging. Although you can still cut on the Blackstone but in a situation when you have to hold what you are cutting it may not be safe. A knife is a very risky accessory to use on your Griddle.

Using a knife can damage the seasoning layer that makes your Griddle non-stick. When the non-stick layer is affected, food debris sticks to the surface whenever you cook. You can still use the knife but not too often.

You have some alternative accessories that are much safer than knives. The Blackstone spatula and cutting boards allow you to chop food easily without damaging your Griddle. You should get a sharpened-edged spatula and a wooden cutting board for your Griddle cooking.

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