Can You Use Aluminum Foil on a Blackstone Griddle

Can You Use Aluminum Foil on a Blackstone Griddle

One of the biggest problems with using a griddle is that your food keeps sticking. However, one of the ways to prevent such occurrences is by using aluminum foil.

Cooking on your Blackstone Griddle does not have to be a hassle every time. A foil helps you cook your meal evenly, which helps you achieve a well-cooked steak.

If you want an amazing flavor from cooking ham or steak, wrapping the steak in foil gives you that irresistible taste you desire. When you use foil for cooking on your Blackstone, you prevent food from sticking and get a unique aroma and taste from your foods.

Probably you’re skeptical about using aluminum foil for your Blackstone griddle; this article contains all the information you need to assail your fears.

Why You Should Consider Using Aluminum Foil on Your Blackstone Griddle

Some foods burn easily, and you want to prevent your food from burning and sticking. It is best to use foil when cooking steak, pizza, ham or fish, or even veggies on your Griddle.

The foil helps to keep your food from excess heat, which could lead to burning. It controls the heat when cooking.

Cooking food coated with either egg or oil directly on your Griddle without being wrapped in foil can stain your Griddle. You will have to do deep cleaning. I advise you to use Aluminum Foil to wrap your foods before cooking.

Preserving food after cooking can be done using Aluminum Foil paper. It helps keep your food warm even after cooking on the Griddle.

Benefits of Using Aluminum Foil on Your Blackstone Griddle

Using aluminum foil on your Griddle has some amazing benefits attached to it. You won’t miss out on how cooking with foil helps you.

Here are the benefits of cooking on your Blackstone Griddle using Aluminum Foil;

  • It helps control the heat on the surface of your Griddle, allowing you to cook your food evenly.
  • Allows your food to cook faster.
  • Prevents your Griddle from having sticky or oil stains and scratches from cooking.

Is it Safe to Place Aluminum Foil on All Types of Griddles?

Not all Blackstone Griddle surfaces can be lined with aluminum foil. Cooking with aluminum foil can be harmful on a gas or electric grill. For instance, it is not advisable and recommended to cook your food wrapped in aluminum foil on an electric griddle.

Apart from getting your electric grill’s surface scratched, it is also at risk of burning due to the heat. Cooking food wrapped in aluminum can be toxic, especially when you cook in aluminum foil every time. It is harmful to your health.

What determines the safety of cooking on your grill with aluminum foil is the amount of heat and the type of food you are cooking. You should consider these two factors before cooking in aluminum.

Although aluminum foil prevents the grill from sticky stains, it doesn’t protect an electric Griddle from scratches. Using the right aluminum foil for cooking and managing the heat is best. Your health is important.

Best ways to use Aluminum Foil for your Blackstone

There are a few ways to use aluminum for your grill. You can catch grease using aluminum foil to cover the cooking area like a pan on your Griddle. This method helps you clean less after cooking and gives you the best grilling experience.

Another unique method is to use it to control the heat for your cooking. When you wrap your seasoned ham or steak with aluminum, it reduces the heat by preventing your food from burning while it fully cooks.

You can use aluminum to prevent food from sticking to the surface of your Griddle. So, it serves as a heat conductor and allows your Griddle to be non-stick. It also keeps your food from burning whenever you cook on your Griddle.

Which side of the Aluminum should be down?

The side of the Aluminum that should be up or down is not important but how well you wrap your food is what matters. Aluminum Foil is made with the same material on both surfaces; there’s no difference.

Is it good to grill with Aluminum Foil?

Yes, as long as it is properly used. When placing aluminum on your griddle, you must be sure it’s not placed where the fire is. Grilling with aluminum foil allows you to catch grease and prevent food from sticking to the surface of your Blackstone.

What are the Types of Foods You Can Cook on Your Blackstone Using Aluminium Foil?

Not all food can be cooked on a Griddle wrapped in foil. Some foods cannot even be properly wrapped in foil, for instance, mac and cheese. I would not advise you to cook cheese in foil using your Griddle.

Even still there are many foods you can still cook in foil. Here is a list of some foods you can easily cook using aluminum foil on your Blackstone Griddle;

  • Steak
  • Hamburger
  • Veggies
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Hot dog
  • Fish
  • Sandwiches
  • Fruits
  • Corn and lots more.

Safety Precautions When Using Aluminium Foil

It is important to remember certain things when using aluminum foil on a Griddle. When placing foil on your Blackstone, be careful it is not placed where it can be exposed to flame. The aluminum can burn if flame touches it, which may lead to more danger.

Not all kinds of foils are used for cooking. Be sure you get a food-based aluminum foil specially made to be used on Blackstones. Some aluminum foil has chemicals that can put your health in danger. It is best to get food aluminum foil. Ensure that you purchase the right foil.


It is best to use aluminum foil to enjoy tasty food and prevent sticky stains on your griddle. Cooking with aluminum allows you to get your food perfectly done.

When you cook on your Blackstone by wrapping your food in aluminum, it reduces the cleaning you have to do. You have nothing to worry about when you use aluminum.

The benefits of using aluminum foil on your griddle are amazing, allowing you to have an amazing grilling experience. One of the best hacks to prevent grease residue and stains when using your Griddle is aluminum foil.

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