Can You Use Blackstone Griddle Indoors
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Can You Use Blackstone Griddle Indoors?

Certain situations demand you grill burgers at ungodly hours, especially when your taste buds call for it. You believe that your only option is to use your Blackstone Griddle indoors.

Blackstone and other top manufacturers advise against using griddles indoors. However, some believe there is nothing wrong with using a 17-inch Blackstone Griddle indoors. So, the vital question is, should you use your griddle inside or outside? You’d find the answers to your questions in this post.

Like the stovetop in your home, a griddle is a cooking platform fueled by propane gas. According to the manufacturers, you should not use the Blackstone Griddle inside a confined space because lots of latent grease fumes, which are pretty explosive, are produced by griddles. Owing to this fact, you should only use your griddles outdoors.

Commercial hoods and griddles with suppression systems are generally considered safe for indoor use; nevertheless, they can also be detrimental if not aptly controlled.

Factors to Consider Before Using Blackstone Griddle Indoors

Propane Gas

Propane is the primary gas that produces the Blackstone griddle combustion effect. You will need a dependable propane supply to use a griddle inside.

The majority of domestic stoves use natural gas as a fuel for cooking. Therefore, you cannot use the energy for domestic stoves when using a griddle should your propane supply deplete. You’ll need to acquire a bottle of propane in this situation.

There are propane cylinders designed for interior use, so you shouldn’t carry propane tanks for outdoor use inside the house.

Toxic Gases and Odor

Propane improperly burned produces a gas known as carbon monoxide, a silent killer. You need to know this because you might not quickly pick up on the gas release. After all, it has no odor. The gas must be removed using a properly ventilated system connected outdoors because it does not dissipate into the atmosphere. Long-term exposure to excessive levels of carbon monoxide may cause serious health problems or even death.

Research has shown that before experiencing any symptoms, those with severe carbon monoxide poisoning typically pass out. However, the following are some typical signs and consequences of carbon monoxide poisoning:

  • Chest pain
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Physical illness
  • Seizures
  • Stomachache
  • Continual vomiting

Griddles Make a Mess

Even with care, cooking on a griddle is a little ugly; sizzling oil and grease frequently wander down the edge onto the tables or counter. In light of the above, this is another factor to consider when using a griddle indoors.

Open Flame

Using a griddle to cook in a space filled with combustible materials and substances is hazardous. A spark can start a hard-to-put-out fire from an open flame. If the propane cylinder blows out, it may present a fire risk.

Ensure the space is well-ventilated and devoid of anything flammable or volatile before using a griddle inside.

The Griddle’s Size

Whether you should bring your griddle indoors or not depends on its size. Some griddles are so big that you can only use them outside. Additionally, there are more minor variations that you may bring with you to the camping and utilize inside.

Blackstone Griddle sizes range from 17 to 22 inches, from 28 to 30 to 36 inches. Due to their compact size, the 17-inch models are best for indoor use.


When used, smoke griddles generate a lot of smoke. If the dish you are cooking contains a lot of fat and grease, the situation worsens.

Much smoke is produced due to the grease melting and catching fire from the hot griddle plate. Due to inadequate ventilation, the smoke fills the air in your kitchen, making it difficult to get rid of it.

Safety Precautions To Consider Before Using Blackstone Griddle Indoors

Before lighting that griddle up indoors, you must consider specific combustion considerations and safety precautions.

Use the griddle away from heat sources, flames, and electrical outlets.

Use caution when using your propane-powered griddle close to open flames, such as in the fireplace, electrical kitchen equipment, and other areas.

Any little ignition can set the gas off, resulting in catastrophic property destruction and personal injuries.

Suitable Ventilation

The primary obstacle to using a grill indoors for cooking is ventilation. A griddle’s inadequate ventilation causes deadly levels of carbon monoxide to build up. Commercial kitchen griddles have enormous ventilation hoods on top of the cooking area.

Using a flat-top grill frequently results in propane leaks in addition to carbon monoxide leaks. To prevent the release of any harmful gases, you need adequate ventilation. If feasible, leave all the windows and doors in the cooking area open when grilling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Safe Are Blackstone Griddles?

When used correctly and responsibly, Blackstone Griddles are pretty safe. Use a Griddle only in an area well-ventilated outside. Keep it away from anything that could catch fire, and never grasp the hot plate with your bare hands.

Additionally, prevent children and dogs from touching or playing with a hot griddle.

My Blackstone Griddle Can I Use In the Garage?

Although it is not proposed, some people find it comfortable to use Blackstone Griddle in the garage. To use a flat-top grill cautiously, you will require an appropriate area and airflow. Additionally, ensure no combustible substances, gases, or chemicals are in the garage.

Is It Okay to Barbecue With the Garage Door Open?

Grilling in the garage is not generally a good idea, even with open doors. The garage door may not sufficiently expel the carbon monoxide from faulty propane gas combustion.


The cons exceed the pros. When you have to use the Blackstone Griddle inside, it is advised to do so in the open, with plenty of fresh air flowing through the home. Additionally, be aware of the manifestation of carbon monoxide poisoning. The designers advise you to use your Blackstone griddle outside, at least 10 feet from any structures, gas cylinders, or combustible items. As a result, it is wise for you never to use the flat-top grill inside.

Instead, you can think about buying a griddle pan. Although the pan is smaller than the hot plate, it makes a great replacement. You can also look at their new Blackstone E Series Griddle if you’re searching for an indoor Blackstone Grill.

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