Can You Use Pam on Blackstone Griddle

Can You Use Pam on Blackstone Griddle

Can you use Pam on your Griddle? Of course, you can. A Griddle surface can only be used to cook when cleaned and re-seasoned. You can decide to re-season with oil or cooking spray.

Food sometimes gets sticky when cooking on a Blackstone if the surface is not properly seasoned with oil or cooking spray. Pam is a cooking spray that can be used on your griddle.

If you want to prevent food from sticking to the surface of your Blackstone, you should always re-season it well. After cleaning, your griddle must be seasoned again before you can use it.

You want to know more about Pam and how it should be used on your Blackstone. Read this article further to get more insights.

Can You Use Pam on Your Blackstone?

Blackstone griddles give you an amazing cooking experience when you use cooking spray. You can improve your cooking by getting a Blackstone Griddle for outdoor cooking if you don’t have one yet.

Pam is effective and safe for cooking on a Griddle. But before using cooking spray, you must properly season the surface of the Blackstone Griddle, especially if you just got a new Griddle. You should use oils with high smoke points on your Blackstone before you sprinkle Pam spray on the surface.

You can use cooking spray on your Blackstone. A cooking spray is one of the best ways to prevent your food from burning and allow it to cook evenly. The cooking spray allows the cooking temperature to rise faster.

What Does Pam do to Your Griddle?

Using cooking sprays on baking pans or other surfaces has been practiced for years. Although some folks still prefer to use oil to season, it’s not bad.

You are sweating out of curiosity to know what Pam does to your Griddle. Pam cooking spray is like any other oil, although it is slightly different from other oils. What distinguishes Pam from groundnut or avocado oil is how easily you can spray the right amount.

To allow your Blackstone to be non-stick is possible when you use Pam. The spray contains different blends of oil, a bit similar to oil. Pam prevents food from sticking to your fridge. Guess what! It doesn’t only prevent your food from sticking, and it allows your food to cook without burning. 

The cooking spray makes a barrier between your Blackstone Griddle’s surface and what you are cooking. Even though you can decide to use any type of oil to season, oils have different smoke points; they could be high or low.

What Makes Cooking Spray Different from Cooking Oil?

You can hardly tell the difference between cooking oil and cooking spray. The truth is, both are quite similar and different.

The composition of cooking spray is what makes it different from cooking oil. Oils are regular such as avocado oil, vegetable oil, and lots more. But cooking spray contains propelling elements, including propane, carbon dioxide, and food alcohol.

Cooking oils have more calories than cooking oil. If you want fewer calories, cooking spray is suitable for you. Cooking sprays can be dangerous because they contain highly inflammable contents such as propane. Oils are much safer to cook on your Blackstone Griddle.

How to Use Cooking Spray on Blackstone Griddle

Even though it is confirmed that you can use Pam on your Griddle, you must season it first. Make sure your Griddle is properly seasoned before you go ahead to use cooking spray.

Cooking spray becomes safer to use in cooking when you season the Griddle. Seasoning your Griddle helps you get rid of some unwanted compounds. If you want a non-stick surface while cooking, cooking spray only without seasoning won’t work.

The type of oil you use to season your Griddle matters. You must consider the kind of oil you use if it has a low or high smoke point.

Here are the best tips on how to use Pam on your Griddle;

  • Properly clean the surface of your Griddle by removing every food and oil residue.
  • After cleaning, dry your Griddle well outside
  • Heat your Griddle for a few minutes
  • Get your preferred oil to season the Blackstone Griddle. Not all oils are the best for Blackstones, but you can use any oil.
  • Get a cooking spray of your choice ready.
  • Use the cooking spray on your Griddle lightly and ensure it is spread evenly on the surface. You don’t want some parts to get sticky when cooking.
  • Let the cooking spray heat for a few minutes before cooking.

How You Should Season Your Blackstone Griddle

Seasoning your griddle is a choice. But it is good you ensure your Griddle is properly seasoned to cook easily on it. Seasoning your Blackstone is to get food not to stick on the surface and get the best flavor from cooking.

Did you just purchase a Blackstone and don’t know how to season it? Here are the easy steps to season your Griddle;

  • Clean your Blackstone with water thoroughly.
  • Once you are done washing, wipe the remaining water off it with a soft cloth or paper towel.
  • Preheat your Griddle for up to 15 minutes
  • Season with your oil of choice. Using a high smoke point oil such as vegetable oil is best.
  • Do not leave the sides and edges of the Griddle out when seasoning. Add a light layer of oil to all the corners.
  • Smoke the oil for a while. Then, you can go on to cook on your Blackstone Griddle.


Pam is a good cooking spray on a Blackstone Griddle. Ensure the surface of your Griddle is seasoned with oil before using cooking spray on it.

A non-stick cooking surface is important if you want to enjoy cooking on a Blackstone. That’s why instead of using cooking oil again after seasoning your Griddle, it is best to use cooking spray.

There are some cooking sprays made specifically to be used on only Blackstone Griddles. Pam is one of the best you can sprinkle on your Griddle.

Generally, cooking oils are high in calories, although not all. If you want fewer calories in your food, consider getting Pam cooking spray for your Griddle.

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