Do You Have To Season A Blackstone Griddle

Do You Have To Season A Blackstone Griddle?

You recently bought a Blackstone Griddle and are eager to use it for cooking a delicious meal.

Hold on!

You might be setting yourself up for a big disappointment if you use it immediately after the purchase without doing the needful, which is seasoning. Although you might not know why the seasoning procedure is suitable, you might wonder if the Blackstone griddle is an exception. The subsequent paragraphs in this review answer the questions plaguing your mind regarding seasoning a Blackstone griddle.

Griddles are outdoor cookware that most households can’t do without the thrilling experience attached to outdoor meals. Most people are fascinated by the Blackstone griddle because of its mind-blowing features and effectiveness.

What Is Seasoning?

Seasoning simply means subjecting oil to elevated temperatures beyond its smoke point. The bonds holding the oil together fall apart at an intense temperature, and its fatty acids disintegrate, interconnecting to forge a novel coat of particles on the griddle. This procedure is recognized as polymerization.

Does A Blackstone Griddle Come Seasoned?

Some people subscribe to the idea that the Blackstone griddle comes seasoned. However, there is no evidence to back up the fact that a new Blackstone griddle comes seasoned.

It is strongly advised that you season your newly purchased griddle before using it to prepare your meals. This procedure yields a perfect non-stick surface and a satisfying culinary experience.

Is It Essential You Season a Blackstone Griddle?

Yes, by all means. A new Blackstone Griddle necessitates in-depth seasoning before you prepare any dish on it. The process of seasoning generates a non-stick coating on your griddle’s cooking expanse. It likewise keeps it from tarnishing, chips, and imperfections, thus protracting its lifecycle.

5 Reasons Why You Must Season Your Griddle

  1. The griddle surface develops a protective layer during seasoning that serves as a shield against elements like moisture and dampness. The coating shields the metal exterior from harm and stops rusting.
  1. A perfectly seasoned griddle with befitting oils is similar to a non-adherence expanse. The strength of the non-adherence quality is significantly hinged on the cooking frequency; the power increases as the frequency of your cooking increases. 
  1. Seasoning increases the resilience of a griddle and makes it convenient to clear up the mess or debris collected after the culinary process.
  1. It also fortifies a flavored gloss that intensifies your culinary experience. Every meal is given an additional layer of taste thanks to seasoning. All that charred beef and vegetables have a superior palate owing to it.
  1. Seasoning enhances the general outlook of your Blackstone griddle.

A New Blackstone Griddle’s Seasoning Procedure

All the information you require for seasoning a Blackstone griddle is highlighted below.

  • Blackstone Griddle should be washed prior to usage.
  • Choose enough oil to cover the expanse of your griddle. You must settle for oil that can withstand elevated temperatures. Such oils include canola oil, coconut oil etc.
  • Light up the flames at their highest setting for up to a quarter of an hour. Ensure you protect your hands from the heat by wearing non-flammable gloves.
  • Create an oil film on the cooking surface. Dense seasoning is not resilient as it snaps after a petite timespan.
  • Spread some oil on the griddle’s borders, bends, and curves; this is imperative.
  • Ensure the oil smokes; the smoking procedure generates a bond between the cooking surface and the oil. Afterwards, disconnect the griddle and let it lose the heat.
  • You must ensure the repetition of the coating and heating phase at least three more times; this process is crucial and must not be disregarded. Repeating the process is what guarantees in-depth seasoning.
  • To complete the seasoning procedure, brush some oil on the cooking surface.

How to Preserve Seasoning on a Blackstone Griddle

Use Only Water and Avoid Any Scrubbing Products

If you’ve used your griddle to prepare any meal, do not clean your Blackstone Griddle with detergent, cleaning product, or dishwashing liquid. These substances can corrode the griddle surface and make your seasoning deteriorate.

Cleaning products could also ruin the flavor of your subsequent meal by leaving a nasty taste on the cooking surface. Because of this, using piping-hot or lukewarm water, kitchen paper, or a Blackstone cleaning pad is recommended.

Circumvent the Use of Rasping Scrubbers

Scraping up the griddle cooktop with coarse scrubbers will make it susceptible to oxidization and rust. The best far-reaching solution would be to use rough scrubbers to remove rust. Rust will give your griddle an unpleasant outlook; as such, you ought to do all you can to thwart it. 

However, settle for water and kitchen paper or a Blackstone cleaning pad for regular cleaning.

Warm Your Griddle and Season with Oil Prior To Cooking

Oil helps food adhere nicely to the metal plate of a warmed-up griddle; this helps in retaining seasoning and enhancing savor. You must make sure you constantly warm your griddle and season it with oil before preparing any meal on it.

When preparing a meal, adding a fresh oil coat is expedient, resulting in a non-stick exterior that becomes enhanced over time.

Put Your Blackstone Griddle Away Properly

You should cover your Blackstone with a sturdy cover and keep it in a cool and dry location. If you do this, it will shield against rust, oxidization, grime, and abrasions.

Remove Any Rust You Find Right Away

Rust gets worse over time if it is disregarded or neglected. Constantly look for rust developments on your griddle platter; if you do, attend to it immediately. To remove the rust, you can scrape it off with steel wool or minimal grit sandpaper (40-60 grit). You should scrub the corroded area with intense pressure until it becomes sophisticated.

Spread Oil on Your Griddle after Cleaning

Your cookware’s expansive seasoning coat can be reinforced and preserved by spreading a thin layer of oil, which also helps to avert rust accumulation.

With appropriate care, a Blackstone Griddle’s non-stick expanse gets progressively blacker and more durable over time.

Can You Prepare A Meal On Your Griddle Instantly After Seasoning?

You may prepare any meal of your choice right away after seasoning your Blackstone griddle. You must ensure you allow the griddle to lose its heat after you’re done preparing your meal. Eliminate debris, re-season with an oil film, and then put it away somewhere refreshing and dry.

Final Thoughts

Before the initial use, your newly purchased Blackstone griddle requires in-depth cleaning and seasoning. Your Blackstone griddle will possess an enduring non-stick coating if you subject it to the seasoning process. To conserve the seasoning and circumvent rust, you must spread a mini coat of oil once you’re done with the griddle. You must keep your Blackstone Griddle covered with a sturdy cover and in a chilly, dry location.

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