Easy Blackstone Grease Trap Hacks

Easy Blackstone Grease Trap Hacks

Are you having trouble catching excess grease from your Blackstone Griddle? I’ve got the best hack that will help you trap grease easily. You won’t have to worry about the grease trap of your Griddle once you read this article.

Sometimes when cooking, you might have added excess oil, and you want to remove that grease from your griddle. Blackstone comes with a cup to hold the excess grease for you. The major issue is when the grease doesn’t flow directly into the cup.

Best Hack for your Blackstone Grease Trap

If your griddle cup that is supposed to hold the grease is not well placed then the grease won’t flow into the cup. That means you will have more cleaning to do.

The right hack will help you successfully avoid grease on other Blackstone parts. Guess what! I know just what you need to do.

The best solution to catch grease directly into the cup is to use a metal skewer to hold the tip of the Griddle and the cup in position. There’s a hole on the tip of where the grease passes down into the cup.

If your Blackstone Griddle tip where the grease goes into the trap doesn’t have a hole, you can drill in a small hole. You don’t necessarily have to drill it yourself; you can get someone skilled to do it for you.

For your griddle grease trap to stay in place, you must channel a metal skewer to hold it perfectly. No more grease going through the wrong channel.

5 Must-Haves for Cooking on your Griddle

To enjoy your cooking experience while using your Blackstone griddle, there are some accessories you can’t do without. These accessories will make cooking and cleaning easier for you. Here are the important accessories to get for your griddle;

1. Bench Scraper

One amazing thing about a bench scraper is that you can use it for different purposes when using your Griddle. You can use it to chop or scrape excess grease from your Blackstone.

A bench scraper makes it easy for you to remove sticky debris from the surface of your griddle. It has a smooth and sharp edge; you can use it to chop foods. With a scrapper, you can easily flip your food without a spatula.

Cleaning and cooking are made easy and faster with a bench scraper. You will enjoy cooking more if you have this grilling accessory. No need to worry about how to get sticky food debris or excess fat off your Blackstone Griddle. Bench scraper to the rescue!

2. Spatula

Another unique accessory you should get for a good grilling/cooking experience is a spatula. Like the bench scraper, you can use a spatula for different purposes.

If you are having problems serving large portions of food, a spatula is what you need. Two different spatulas depending on your cooking and use. We have a long one with a more rounded tip.

The longer spatula is best used for stirring, flipping, tossing, turning, and serving large food portions. With the long spatula, you can easily remove grease or oil from the top of your griddle.

The other spatula is short compared to the long one and has a sharp edge. It is best used when cooking burgers to apply pressure on the meat. You can get that fine crust underneath your meat without much effort. Amazing right?

3. Squeeze Bottles

You need a squeeze bottle if you don’t want to add too much oil when cooking on your Griddle. Seasoning your Griddle using a squeeze bottle helps you add the right amount of oil.

You can precisely add the right amount of oil when cooking, especially when you want the perfect fry. For instance, you are cooking steak and need a little oil to cook it perfectly. A squeeze bottle is all you need.

When cleaning, you can fill your squeeze bottle with water, it helps you clean the surface well. You have more control when seasoning with oil using squeeze bottles.

4. Flat Top Grill Cover

Are you looking for the best way to keep the surface of your griddle from developing rust? It is best to get a lid that fits your Blackstone Griddle. Your Griddle is safe from moisture leading to rust when it is covered when not in use.

Purchasing a flat top cover for your Blackstone is a good decision. It keeps your Griddle clean as long as you’ve properly cleaned it. You don’t have to clean your Blackstone before using it again.

5. Melting Dome and Wire Rack System

Both grilling accessories can either be used together or separately. The melting doe and wire rack system helps you to cook like an oven. You can heat the top of your food well using both accessories.

The melting dome and wire rack systems come together as a set. It helps you heat your food well. You should get a melting dome and wire rack system to make a reverse steak or melt cheese on your burger. Get the best cooking experience with the right accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use oil every time you cook on a Blackstone Griddle?

Cooking with oil is important when using a Griddle. You can’t get the best out of cooking on a Blackstone Griddle without using oil. You will get a lot of sticky residue from your food.

How long does a Blackstone griddle last?

It can last for 15 to 20 years, depending on how well it is maintained. Proper and effective cleaning will make your griddle last longer.


If you are having trouble getting the excess grease from your Griddle trough, you should get a metal skewer to keep the grease cup in place. You won’t have much cleaning to do if the grease goes to the right place.

Getting the right and best accessories for your Blackstone Griddle will improve your cooking experience. Want to make cleaning easier? You should get the best accessories that fit your need.

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