FireDisc vs. Blackstone

FireDisc vs. Blackstone – We Compared Them Both!

What’s a fun camping experience without a reliable griddle? This article compares FireDisc and Blackstone griddles. You can decide to have both products in your house because they have peculiarities or purchase only one depending on your specific needs.

FireDisc and Blackstone griddles are quite different in design, which makes it difficult for one to compare them based on their features. This article will focus on the functions of each product to identify the one that will save you in different situations.

Beyond their features, design, and specifications, we will analyze the appropriateness of each product for different scenarios. Read this till the end to discover its suitability for your pressing needs.

An Overview of FireDisc

This griddle comes with a disc or heavy carbon steel tray that you can place on a steel stand to make delicious meals. The steel stand is solid, keeping it balanced as you cook. It has an interlocking design, an additional feature to keep it sturdy.

In addition, it uses a single burner and requires an LP canister, which helps fuel it up and makes the disc hot. The disc has a unique design with a rim around the edges that is useful for preventing food spillage from the disc. This rim is popularly referred to as the “heat ring.” The major purpose is to ensure that food remains in the center without moving around to other areas. If you’re looking for a handy griddle for cooking sausages, ham, and even beef, FireDisc has what it takes to suit all your preferences.

FireDisc griddles usually come with three different temperature zones. There’s a separate temperature for the central position that’s different from the one on the edges. The ones around the edges are lower than those in the center. It also helps adjust gas flow.

This product has a major disadvantage, making it challenging to regulate temperature. You’ll have to move the food around to control it. Also, this grill is more effective when cooking food items that are already chopped because of the limited space. These are made with highly durable material that will serve you for a long period.

FIRE DISC Outdoor Portable Cooker

FIRE DISC Outdoor Portable Cooker


  • Dimensions: 41 x 33 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 56.5 Pounds
  • Material: Carbon Steel

Why bother carrying a heavy griddle on your trip when you can choose FireDisc? Many griddles failed in portability for a long time, making it difficult for users to carry them around. However, the FireDisc griddle solves this problem with its travel cooker made of high-quality carbon steel.

The griddle pan’s round design allows you to be versatile and creative with your cooking. Even in the thickest forests, you can trust this FireDisc griddle to deliver optimally. Despite its compact design, this griddle is useful for cooking a wide range of meals, although it is limited in space. You can make bacon, veggies, sausage, and other meals with deep frying or other means.

This company takes into consideration the outdoor usage of the griddle with its ergonomic 36-inch height that’s designed for any outside surface. The perfect height saves you the trouble of constantly bending your back to cook meals, especially after an eventful day. This product is collapsible and easy to set up for outdoor cooking.

Also, FireDisc uses an LP regulator that is made to work with a 16.4 oz. green propane tank. However, it is also suitable for a white 20 lb. propane tank with a 4 ft. This grill also has a powder-coated heat ring at 450 degrees. It offers every cook the ultimate experience. It is an easy-to-use cooking tool that you can move to various locations without any hassle.

It stands out among other types of grills like charcoal and smokers that cannot be transported from location to location. You can also easily disassemble this FireDisc depending on your desired results. This highly durable product can stand up to any backyard or outdoor space while delivering optimally throughout your usage. The FireDisc company considers your convenience by offering adjustable features that make cooking more fun.


  • Portable design
  • Easy transportation
  • Durable material
  • Versatile product
  • Can be disassembled


  • You have to buy other tools for the propane, which makes it expensive.
  • The temperature cannot be properly controlled.

An Overview of Blackstone

Blackstone is one of the most popular brands in the griddle business that has offered great delight to users for decades. This product helps prepare food quickly, clean up messes seamlessly, and cook various meals simultaneously. Using this cooking tool, you can easily make rice, meat, chicken, potatoes, and more.

The design used for making this product is the rolled steel iron that’s useful for keeping the cooking surface sturdy. This material is highly durable as it ensures that food gets hot quickly, thus, saving time. You’ll find Blackstone products with 2 or 4 burners built to ensure that the cooking surface heats evenly.

In addition, Blackstone griddles give you the liberty to control their temperature to the desired one that’s most suitable for what you’re cooking. By leveraging this unique feature, you can cook different meals, some warm and others extremely hot. In addition, Blackstone offers a large cooking area that can help you prepare sumptuous meals for a large number of people at once. It also has a grease trap, usually installed at the back of the grill, to direct the residual oil to the back.

You can remove the grill’s surface for most Blackstone products to clean it more easily. However, this product is heavy and difficult to transport, making it tedious to use, especially camping. Despite that shortcoming, Blackstone remains a reliable brand that customers across the globe trust because of its durability and the consistent results that most chefs love.

Blackstone 22-inch Tabletop Griddle

Blackstone 22 inch Tabletop Griddle


  • Dimensions: 22.5 x 19 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Material: Alloy Steel

The Blackstone company has a wide range of products. However, this tabletop griddle is a portable one that is ideal for camping and outdoor experiences like pool parties, tailgating, fishing, and lots more. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport. This griddle is highly versatile, and you can use it to make all sorts of meals in a short time.

This product is perfect for making eggs, hash browns, bacon, and pancakes. You can trust the Blackstone company to deliver a product that will stand out among many. In addition, it has a cooking surface of 339 sq. inches, which offers ample space for you to cook your tasty meals at once. This product has 24,000 BTUs of heat that is appropriately distributed, ensuring the meals turn out well.

The power H burners handle the heat distribution of the griddle. You never have to deal with uncontrollable heat that burns everything in sight. With the Blackstone 22-inch tabletop griddle, you can regulate the heat for your desired meals. This griddle has a fantastic feature that allows you to control the burners independently using inbuilt igniters that handle the job perfectly. With this griddle, you can cook at different temperatures with ease.

Also, it uses a unique grease management system that ensures that cleaning the griddle is not tedious after usage. This feature is handy when making bacon or other juicy meats that release lots of oil and fat. It is a heavy-duty griddle that uses a rear grease trap that helps accumulate all the mess and makes cleaning a mere walkover. This product is also designed with a hood that helps the temperature remain constant while trapping the heat.

The Blackstone 22-inch tabletop griddle uses a heat-resistant grip on the handle, making it comfortable for users. This griddle can easily be attached and removed according to your preference and the required usage per time. With a small propane bottle, you can fire up this griddle and enjoy it for a long time.


  • Lightweight and portable design.
  • Ample cooking space.
  • Powerful burners for even heat distribution
  • Easy cleanup
  • Rust-resistant


  • You will have to buy separately a propane bottle, a propane tank, a regulator, and an adapter hose.
  • It can be challenging to start up.

FireDisc Vs. Blackstone Griddle: Which Product Wins?

Both products differ in terms of features, and their designs are different from each other. This section will consider how suitable each product is for camping and other scenarios. Since they are both portable products, it is only natural for us to analyze their ideal usage at different functions.

Suitable For Camping

Suppose you love cooking in the open air, especially while camping; you need the right griddle to stay with you through tough times. Both products suit your camping experience with their compact design, amazing features, and unique structure. However, FireDisc manages to stand out.

The Blackstone product weighs less than the FireDisc grill, which should mean more accessible transportation, right? However, FireDisc steals the show with its foldable stand and allows users to disassemble and assemble it at will. Although the Blackstone 22-inch tabletop griddle is portable, it doesn’t have this feature. FireDisc is a handy product that you can easily take anywhere. The best part is that you can increase the size to what suits you.

In addition, the FireDisc griddle can be separated into different parts, which means you have to worry less about parking space when transporting it. Nobody loves to haul an excess load while going on a road trip, and FireDisc provides the ideal griddle to meet such a need. Although Blackstone is a good brand, making handy products is not precisely one of their strong points.

Backyard Cooking

Backyard and outdoor cooking are great ways to hang out with friends and family or even have a party. Both FireDisc and Blackstone offer products that can handle such occasions. However, choosing one that stands out is majorly based on preference.

Blackstone griddles help you make tasty barbecues that will leave your guests begging for more. It offers a large variety of products that you can choose from to make your backyard cooking experience eventful.

However, FireDisc rises to the challenge with its stands designed to offer a steady balance regardless of where you’re using it.
This product also excels in its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions with its rugged design. In addition, this compact griddle is not limited in function because you can also use it to boil, broil and steam your meals, a feature Blackstone fails to bring to the table.

You will have to pay closer attention to your Blackstone griddle to prevent it from rusting. However, if you’re planning BBQ, Blackstone product is a better option, and for cases where you want to set up an outdoor kitchen, you can trust FireDisc to meet your needs.

Cooking For Large Events

One of the major things you must consider when choosing a griddle is the number of people it can cater to at a time. Imagine having a birthday party planned; you will need a cooking tool that can get the job done fast without requiring you to cook repeatedly. Which one is suitable for this, FireDisc or Blackstone? You’re about to find out.

The Blackstone brand can offer its expert features for such events, especially with its controllable features and the ability to cook different meals simultaneously. However, you will have to compromise on transportability when choosing Blackstone.

Although FireDisc is more convenient to carry, it cannot be effectively controlled while cooking for a large audience. However, it has a space of 22 inches and a model of about 36 inches, which helps you handle your meals on the go.

If you want your meals to be professionally cooked, settle for Blackstone. However, if you want something that will stand out with its impressive looks, you can choose FireDisc.

Final Thoughts

The perfect griddle for your camping experience is mostly based on your preferences. However, FireDisc is more suitable for such situations because it helps you park smartly, remains sturdy on rough surfaces, it is suitable for tough weather conditions, and has a rugged design. In a case where you’re planning a party, you should choose Blackstone because of its trackrecord of cooking delicious meals that offer great satisfaction.

There you have it, a comprehensive comparison between FireDisc and Blackstone to guide you through your buying journey.

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