How Much Clearance Does a Grill Need

How Much Clearance Does a Grill Need

As much as you’d love to use and make your grill more accessible, it is better to be safe than sorry. The clearance you give your grill is more important than the type of grill you have.

You must ensure that it has enough clearance to keep your grill around and be free from danger. Your safety is important. It is advisable to keep highly flammable material far from where your grill is placed.

If you need to know how much clearance your grill needs, I have some useful information about it.

Let’s dive right in.

Why you Must Have Enough Clearance Around your Grill

Grills are mostly used outside the house due to the heat it gives off; it is a lot. The heat the grill gives off makes flammable materials vulnerable. Paper, wood, and even leaves can easily catch fire if they are close by.

You won’t risk starting a fire around your home; your grill must be very far from flammable materials. If your Grill has grease after use, it can lead to fire hazards. You should clean your grill properly with the right tools to ensure safety.

3 Tips for Increasing the Clearance Around your Grill

If you want to enjoy a safe Grilling experience, here are some important tips you should never miss out on;

  • Keep flammable materials such as paper, wood, or fabrics far from your Grill’s heat source at least 3 feet.
  • Keep your Grill clean from debris/residues, especially greasy residues.
  • Get a Grill cover to prevent it from elements that are prone to fire hazards.

Factors to Consider on How much Clearance a Grill needs

The clearance your Grill needs depends on two major factors: the location of the grill and the type of Grill.

Location of your Grill

Do you want to enjoy your Grilling experience and still be safe? Then you must take note of the space around it. Your Grill should be at least 20 feet away from your home to ensure safety if there were to be a fire hazard.

Grills should be kept far away from the house and any other structure. It should be placed where flammable materials cannot be found.

Type of Grill

There are two different kinds of Grills because the heat sources are different. We have the gas Grill and the charcoal Grill. No doubt both types of grill still need clearance.

Even though the gas grill is more prone to fire outbreaks, charcoal still needs enough clearance of at least 5 feet. Gas grills must be placed at least 10 feet away on all sides.

Amount of Clearance on Grill based on Fuel

It is important to note that the clearance you need for your grill depends on how it is heated. If your grill is fueled using Charcoal, it needs about 5 feet of clearance to prevent fire hazards. You should also have 10 feet of clearance on all sides for your gas grill because it gives off more heat just like wood-fueled grills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cook on your grill on a patio?

No, a grill should never be used near the house, indoors, or under a covered patio. It is not safe. You should keep your grill at least 5 feet away from flammable materials.

Can my grill be placed close to my house?

Your grill should be kept far enough from any structure, even trees. It is best to keep it around 10 feet from your home.

Is it ok to grill on a screened-in porch?

It is much safer when you don’t put your grill in a small space. Even though there are different grills, such as charcoal or gas grills, you should only put them in place with enough clearance.

Can I use my grill on the balcony because it is a Charcoal grill?

If you prefer to use your grill on your balcony, you must ensure it has enough clearance on all sides. That way, it’s safer to use. Although using your grill on the balcony is not advisable, your safety is key.

Can I use my grill during winter?

It is not cooked on your grill when it is cold. The cold condition can lead to fire hazards.

How far does your grill need to be from the wall?

You should always grill outdoors; it’s safer. You should place your grill 9-10 feet from any building structure. But if the instruction in the grill manual says otherwise, then it’s okay. Make sure you put your safety first when placing your grill.

Is cooking with an electric grill better?

If you are looking for a smoke-free grill, an electric grill is perfect for your use. Although they don’t give off enough heat needed for grillings like gas or charcoal grills, you may not like the grilling done.

Will a grill melt vinyl siding?

Yes, vinyl siding can melt if your grill is placed very close to the vinyl. That’s why it’s best to keep it three feet away from your grill.


Are you planning to have a barbeque party with our friends and family? Grilling is an enjoyable activity when it is done in a safe space. People tend to get carried away by the party music and fun. It is safer than your grill should be at least 10 feet away from your house.

The clearance your grill need is not just one side; it must be on all sides. Your grill will always need a level surface to sit on that is inflammable. Flammable materials or items should be kept 3 feet from the grilling area.

Always ensure you don’t place your grill near or under a tree; it is risky because of the smoke and flames. Cleaning your grill properly is very important and lowers the hazard percentage. Remove greasy stains or debris from your grill.

To have an awesome grilling experience, it should be done outdoors at least 10 feet away from any structure on all sides. Your safety is better guaranteed when you grill right.

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