How Often Do You Season A Blackstone Griddle

How Often Do You Season A Blackstone Griddle?

You just got your Blackstone griddle and were diligent with the seasoning procedure. You know the benefits of re-seasoning and the setbacks of not re-seasoning your griddle. You’ve done the re-seasoning process once or twice. Your curiosity about how often you have to re-season your Blackstone griddle is piqued. Not to worry much; this helpful guide will equip your mind with the information you need about the frequency of seasoning your Blackstone griddle.

Seasoning is crucial to the longevity and efficiency of your flat-top grill. As such, you shouldn’t overlook the process or do it hesitantly. It’s a necessary maintenance procedure you must subject your Blackstone griddle to regularly.

Simply put, seasoning is the process of heating oil beyond its smoke point. At high temperatures, the bonds holding the oil together break down, and its fatty acids separate, forming a new layer of particles on the griddle. The process at hand is known as polymerization.

How to Effectively Season Your Blackstone Griddle

The process in the subsequent paragraphs is a step-by-step guide to seasoning your griddle; this highlights the procedure for seasoning your griddle after the initial seasoning on your newly acquired griddle.

As stated earlier, to beat the hassle of rust and strengthen the non-adherence quality of your griddle, you must season it after every use before putting it away.

The processes required to season your griddle are:

  • Scrape out all the accumulated debris from your culinary process
  • Warm the griddle up and permit it to heat thoroughly for at least 15 minutes
  • Lower the heat to medium or medium-low and oil the surface with a befitting oil of your preference. You must ensure that your preferred oil can withstand intense heat.
  • Repeat the scraping process until you’re sure you’ve eliminated all debris from your griddle. Then dab with kitchen paper for thorough wiping.
  • Polish with a grill stone. It is expedient since it polishes the griddle and removes layers of gunk accumulated from your cooking endeavours. This process is only crucial if, after scraping, the debris and rust particles are still conspicuous.
  • Lay out a Thin Coating of Oil On The Griddle. Permit the griddle to remain on high heat after spreading the oil. Ultimately, the oil will begin to smoke. That’s profitable. You want it to stick to the griddle, so it does exactly that.
  • Put off your griddle and let it lose all the heat completely.
  • Warm your griddle at a high temperature, and ensure you follow through with the oil smoke phase three more times. Between each cycle, let your griddle completely lose its heat.

What Oil Is Perfect For Seasoning A Blackstone Griddle?

Blackstone Chef Nathan Lippy suggests using flaxseed oil to season a Blackstone griddle. Flaxseed oil is the ideal option, even though other oils that can handle high heat can be used to season your griddle. Flaxseed oil is perfect because it creates a thick coating of polymerized oil for the first seasoning cycle and re-seasoning.

It is crucial to state that your best bet will be the Blackstone griddle conditioner. The conditioner is a unique blend of different oils that can withstand intense heat; this makes the conditioner perfect for your first seasoning procedure or routine maintenance.

How Often Do You Season A Blackstone Griddle?

You’ve heard different opinions as regards the frequency of seasoning your Blackstone griddle. Irrespective of the frequency of seasoning you choose to stick to, the recommended frequency ensures you season your griddle after every usage. Your adherence to this recommendation will guarantee a hitch-free experience with your griddle. Seasoning is the primary maintenance routine for your griddle.

Another perk of sticking to seasoning your griddle after every use before putting it away is that it helps you add savor to your cuisine. You don’t want your prepared meal to taste bland or the hassle of trying to unstick your ready meal from the griddle.

Preventing rust is another factor that expounds the importance of seasoning your griddle after every use. Rust will emerge when the griddle is susceptible to loads of air and dampness, particularly on the long haul. Cooking dishes in a rusty area can be barely unsafe, but it’s also frequently irksome. No man would willingly take meals prepared on a very tarnished griddle.

How to Determine If Your Griddle Is Flawlessly Seasoned

Before you even kick off preparing your meal, a handful of clear indicators flawlessly season a griddle. It would be best if you first examined the flat-top grill’s cooking area. It is not seasoned if it becomes enveloped in rust. The surface is not suitable for preparing food if you can detect smears or tiny bits of debris on it. These are signals of an overabundance of oil.

Can You Prepare A Meal Instantaneously On Your Griddle Following Seasoning?

Once your Blackstone griddle has been seasoned, you may start cooking any cuisine of your preference right away. When you’re done cooking your dish, make sure to let the griddle cool off.

Scrape away any debris, re-season with an oil film, and then put it somewhere refreshing and dry.

Can a Blackstone Griddle Be Over-Seasoned?

The specified quota of oil is a requirement while seasoning a Blackstone griddle. You’ll experience drawbacks and a griddle expanse that doesn’t cook well if you use excessive or minimal oil. For a helpful guide on adequately seasoning a new griddle before you utilize it, please take a look at our guide on how to season your Blackstone griddle.

Is Maintaining A Blackstone Griddle Difficult?

Obviously not! Every cooking device in existence, including a campfire, requires some upkeep. Therefore, using a griddle is similar to using a park bench. No need to wash, brush or dry with soap.

You only need to be concerned with the seasoning procedure for the longevity of your griddle and its effectiveness. It creates a non-stick expanse on your griddle, preventing your meals from adhering to the griddle. It all fundamentally boils down to using oil for seasoning and storing it properly after usage.

Final Thoughts

It is practical to take care of your griddle to ensure its efficiency and durability. You should carefully adhere to a general maintenance routine that includes often seasoning it after every usage; this is to assist you in maintaining your griddle’s non-stick surface and strengthen its durability and longevity.

The overview of the processes involved in the seasoning procedure might appear draining. However, the entire process might not be as tiresome if you frequently season your griddle instead of doing so randomly.

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