How To Clean A Pit Boss Griddle

How To Clean A Pit Boss Griddle: A Step-By-Step Guide

You’ve probably thought about the Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle if you’re shopping for a new griddle to meet your culinary needs. Cheers on acquiring the griddle of your choice. One essential train of thought is that you must acquire knowledge on how to clean the Pit Boss griddles immediately after your acquisition. You need to be aware of several guidelines to avoid accidentally damaging your griddle by using too much force when cleaning it.

The answers you need are wrapped up in this helpful review; read on to juice out all the information you need to clean your Pit Boss griddle properly.

The Pit Boss griddle, manufactured by Dansons Inc., is known as the Pit Boss Sierra at Wal-Mart. It has excellent features and is available in variants with two, three, four, and even five burners to suit the demands of just about everybody regarding their cooking experience.

The fact that it is rock-hard and sturdy and that the griddle comes with a hood is why most families prefer the Pit Boss griddle for their outdoor cooking experience.

How to Clean Your Brand New Pit Boss Griddle

The seasoning procedure is the first cleaning process you must carry out on your brand new Pit Boss griddle.

In the following sections, I’ll explain how to initially clean your Pit Boss griddle and slide in the suggestions from the manufacturers of the Pit Boss griddle on how to set up your griddle for future cleaning simplicity.

A crucial guideline you must keep at heart is that you should avoid using cleaning sprays or other manufactured detergents, including soap, on your Pit Boss griddle after you’ve cleaned it for the first time. Check out the actions you must take to clean your Pit Boss griddle thoroughly.

Pit Boss griddle manufacturers say that the first cleaning procedure you’d carry out right after purchase is the single time you’ll ever need to clean the griddle with soap and water. So if this is the initial cleaning phase, grab a moist cloth, some soap, and lukewarm water.

  • To prepare the griddle for seasoning, dab off the exterior to eliminate any free material, including junk.
  • Use kitchen paper to remove moisture from the griddle’s expanse.
  • You should set your griddle’s temperature to hot. Heating the griddle is crucial to the overall success of the process.
  • Wait until the griddle’s expanse becomes so dark in hue, which should take about 10 minutes.
  • Pit Boss manufacturers advise that the best oil for this action is flaxseed oil, although any cooking oil that can withstand intense heat will work in this situation. The oil shouldn’t be excessive, or the outcome of your griddle will be one that food easily adheres to. An effective griddle is one with a non-stick surface.
  • Employ tongs and gloves that can withstand intense heat to transport your prepared kitchen towels everywhere around the griddle to spread the oil uniformly on the griddle’s surface. For a thorough coating, carefully lay the oil across the griddle from corner to corner and side to side.
  • Hold off until the griddle’s expanse stops smoking, indicating that the oil has completely burned. You must ensure that the oil smokes.
  • Reprise the procedure four times in all. Nothing less than four times; anything less than that would most likely affect the non-stick quality you’re desperately trying to achieve. This repetition makes this phase one of the most crucial of all of the steps involved.
  • The Pit Boss griddle should have a blue-black appearance in the end. The formation indicates that you’re done with the seasoning process and have carried out the procedure correctly.
  • Ensure you give the griddle an in-depth rinse with water when you’re done, and pat the griddle’s expanse dry with your kitchen paper.

Why Do Pit Boss Griddle Manufacturers Advise Making All That Effort?

It’s because cleaning becomes simple moving forward if you make an effort to fully clean and season your Pit Boss griddle at the beginning of its life. The expanse of the Pit Boss griddle will be sticky if you disregard the seasoning procedure, which can cause food to scald and fat to congeal on the top, which makes cleanup a challenge.

You may season your Pit Boss griddle immediately following an in-depth cleaning. Doing this helps restore it to its original outlook at the beginning of its lifespan. An initial in-depth cleaning implies that you halve the energy you get to exert while cleaning your griddle. After you use the griddle for meal preparation, some simple cleaning is all you’ll need to do.

Also, remember that a dirty griddle won’t cook as efficiently as a clean one. Therefore, complete the cleaning procedures listed below after each usage. Doing this helps keep your griddle working at its best and elongates its lifespan.

Your cleaning procedure would have been much simpler if you had followed all the instructions in the first part because you would only have to exert less strength. Because of the thorough cleaning and seasoning, you performed initially, cleaning your Pit Boss griddle will be a child’s play from this point forward.

How Can You Stay Abreast Of Cleaning Your Pit Boss Griddles After Cooking?

It is understandable how crucial it is for some of you to receive guidance specific to your griddle model. Pit Boss griddles don’t require any particular cleaning procedures, but there are several actions you can take to make your Pit Boss griddle simpler to clean, one of which is correctly seasoning it.

Just a brief reminder that while a griddle cleaning kit is unnecessary, having one will simplify things. To some degree, this is an excellent choice and is reasonably priced. Pit Boss offers a soft-touch cleaning kit that includes a brush and scraper with sturdy handles.

With tips from Pit Boss griddle manufacturers, this guide will help you figure out how to season Pit Boss griddles specifically and how to clean the griddle after each meal preparation to keep the pleasant outlook of your griddle.

Is the cleaning process burdensome? Not a bother; it’s pretty easy. The steps involved in the cleaning procedure are listed in subsequent paragraphs. You should follow these steps in detail without neglecting any of the actions.

  • Wait for it to cool off somewhat once you’ve finished preparing your food, but keep it warm nonetheless. You don’t want the heat to scald your fingers. You can put on gloves if you think your hands can’t withstand the warmth.
  • Afterwards, you’ll require a griddle scraper. If you’re unsure which one to choose, you could just get the Pit Boss cleaning kit on their homepage; it comes with a griddle scraper. Pay attention to the listed ones and select one you’re sure is appropriate for the griddle you’re using. At that point, utilize your griddle scraper to remove any adhered food particles and the leftovers from your cooking event. Some folks prepare by using scouring pads on the scraper; just settle for whichever works well for you and suits your needs.
  • You can use minimal water to aid in generating steam to remove the leftovers from the griddle, but simply water; soap is no longer required. As stated earlier, soap is only for the initial cleaning phase or if necessary.
  • Afterwards, dry up any lingering water droplets with several kitchen towels and shove any remaining into the oil trough to be dealt with when you’re through cleaning the griddle’s expanse. You can then use your steel wool to clean up afterwards.
  • Pour some oil on an old cloth or some kitchen paper to properly distribute the oil across the griddle. Doing this helps ensure that all the griddle’s surface parts are evenly coated with oil.

What you’re left with from the cleaning procedure is to tidy up the grease trough with a certain quantity of warm, soapy water, and the griddle is ready. That’s just it, and you can safely relax your muscles. The cleaning procedure is over.

So, starting immediately, ensure you follow in detail all the steps listed above when cleaning your Pit Boss griddle. Being vigilant and taking care of your flat top grill are the keys to maintaining the cleanliness of your Pit Boss griddle. Once you follow these steps, you’ve successfully cleaned your griddle.

Bottom Line

Cleaning your Pit Boss griddle is an essential maintenance routine you mustn’t disregard if you’re passionate about using your griddle to the fullest. The cleaning procedure is not arm-breaking as long as you carry it out when due and not just haphazardly. This review has carefully outlined all you need to know about how to clean your Pit Boss griddle effectively.

One vital thing you must always keep in mind is to ensure you season your griddle each time you’re done with your meal preparation. That’s the only way you can sustain and enhance your griddle’s non-stick quality, which is vital to your culinary experience. Do not just settle for any oil; make sure to utilize one that will serve the purpose well.

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