How To Clean a Viking Griddle

How To Clean a Viking Griddle (Easy Guide)

If you do make use of a Viking griddle in between your burners, no doubt it will get dirty most of the time. The desire to see it sparkle at all times leaves you with the question, how do I clean my Viking griddle? As we go on in this article, we’ll give a detailed answer to this.

Interestingly, you would also love your family and friends to walk into your kitchen and see your Viking griddle shiny without stains. Also if you have the challenge of how to deep clean your Viking griddle then you’re at the right place.

Or if you belong to the category of people who say things like, I own a new stove that has a griddle yet I don’t make use of it because I don’t know where to start cleaning it to always keep it shiny. Here is the good news!

In this article, we’ll be teaching you various easy ways to clean your Viking griddle and not scratch it and also prevent it from spoiling due to dirt. Keep reading to find out how you can clean your Viking griddle.

First Things to Look at When Cleaning Your Viking Griddle

You’ll need a variety of kitchen tools, such as griddle soap, a firm sponge, and a griddle brush or remover, to clean the griddle.

Warm up your griddle, then combine your soap and an adequate amount of warm water. Squeeze some water onto your sponge, then clean the dirt away.

Also, ensure to condition the griddle properly and stay away from using metal kitchen utensils on it, this can complicate the cleaning process and even scrape off the coating.

Now, check out how to clean a Viking griddle. But first, you have to turn on your Viking griddle to make it warm.

Turn On Your Viking Griddle

When your Viking griddle is warm, it will be easier to scrape off caked-on dirt particles or stuck dirt when cleaning. Set the griddle to the proper temperature to warm it up.

The best way is to find out the ideal temperature for the particular brand of griddle you are using and griddle soaps. Viking griddle has its optimal temperature so ensure you set it to that range.

To figure out the optimum temperatures to set your griddle, check the user manual in the griddle carton and the soap that accompanied it.

You can do this cleaning immediately after using your Viking griddle before it cools and the food particles back onto the surface or switch it on to get it warmed up before cleaning.

Do These When You Newly Bought Your Viking Griddle

Follow this easy process to clean your new griddle immediately after purchasing it and taking it home.

  • Mix a ¼ measurement of warm water into a vinegar solution that is not more than ¼ cup of white vinegar. Also, get a non-abrasive pad for the cleaning
  • Use the properly stirred mixture to clean the Viking griddle.
  • Dip a soft towel into the warm soapy griddle water and wipe off the dirt from the griddle
  • Use paper towels to completely dry your Viking griddle.
  • After it has dried, season your griddle with your preferred oil as it is a Viking griddle make use of their oil
  • Viking advises letting the griddle’s oil sit for one hour before using it. However, you may also heat the griddle to high, add oil, and wait until it starts to smoke before lowering the heat so that it can cool down once again
  • For optimal results, you may perform this process at least four times.

Once you’re done with this, cleaning your griddle whenever you finish using it will be simpler because the coating makes it non-sticky and aids in shielding the surface from abrasion, sticky food stain, and solidified oil.

When To Deep Clean Your Viking Griddle?

If it’s been long since you last used your Viking griddle, cleaning it may be harder so you have to deep clean it.

If there is not much dirt stuck on it, then you can make use of soap, warm water, and a sponge. Although the use of these things is not ideal.

Viking direction of use states that the use of soap is likely to harm the seasoning fast but in this process, it’s good because you can season it afresh immediately after deep cleaning your Viking griddle. Follow this process:

  • Ensure your griddle is cold then pour soap mixture on the surface
  • Properly rinse your Viking griddle using warm water to remove grease and stubborn food stain
  • If your Viking griddle is small and light or has a removable griddle top, you might need to immerse it in warm, soapy water for 30 minutes to get rid of the tough particles.
  • To remove the trash, food, and grease, just use the sponge’s soft spot. After that, rinse it well with warm water
  • Use a paper towel to wipe dry the Viking griddle
  • Now, simply add another layer of oil and heat it till it begins smoking again if you believe that the soap and water have harmed your griddle surface seasoning.
  • For optimal results, reiterate these steps up to four times or more.

Now, let’s proceed to how you can clean your Viking griddle each time you finish making use of it.

Do this After Each Use

As opposed to other griddle brands available in the market, Viking does not advise the use of a small amount of soap and water after every use because it is not necessary and will possibly cause the seasoning to deteriorate more quickly, requiring you to re-season the griddle much more frequently which might be taking your time and money.

Viking brand suggests using the following technique:

  • After using it, let the griddle cool a bit, but keep it warm to the touch.
  • Remove any dirt by using a paper towel.
  • Next, sprinkle a little amount of club soda over the griddle’s surface.
  • Then, use a metal scraper gently to remove the food from the griddle’s surface.
  • Remove any extra greasy particles and direct them toward the drip tray or greasy trough.
  • The grease trough can then be washed separately in hot, warm water and mild detergent.
  • Then just wipe away any lingering oil, soda club, or debris with a clean paper towel.
  • Viking griddle advised that you should re-apply the oil   from time to time to help preserve its shiny surface
  • Lastly, always clean the surface with a dry hand towel, even when not in use, to keep it in top condition.

The Bottom Line

Finally, cleaning your Viking griddle can be quite easy with the above-mentioned procedures. Ensure that you re-oil your griddle after the use of soap for cleaning because using soap to clean is not the ideal method of cleaning your Viking griddle.

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