How to Clean an Electric Griddle in 4 Easy Steps

How to Clean an Electric Griddle in 4 Easy Steps

Have you tried making bacon or pancakes with your electric griddle? You must have made your usual slices of brownish buttermilk pancakes, and you wish to always have more!

Electric griddles are fun and easy to move, and they help make unforgettable meals. What is more important is knowing how to maintain your electric griddles for them to last as long as you want.

Electric griddles do not need to be kept in ample space in a store or a huge corner of the house. They can even be placed on a slab if it helps reduce your stove’s work. All you need to do is plug it into a socket when there is power; it will work like magic. You can also find perks, food impurities, and dirt in an electric grill. Maintenance, cleanliness, and patience are crucial to owning one.

If you need your electric griddle, you should sacrifice 30 seconds to clean it after each use. This is why we have written this article just for you. This will save you the stress of unnecessarily going to the market to look for another electric griddle in no time. Are you looking to clean your electric griddle without spending so much on products that might not work? How about we show you regular and household strategies to go about it? Read till the end to discover exciting details ahead.

4 Easy Household Steps on How to Clean an Electric Griddle

Cleaning it might look stressful, but giving 30 seconds to your electric griddle after use is not bad. Although most griddles might follow the same maintenance pattern, the main focus is the cooking surface, which should be significantly attended to.

Test out these basic steps to clean up your electric griddle for massive results:

Tools required are:

  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Sponge
  • Water (warm and cold)
  • Soap
  • Cloth
  • Flat-headed spatula (to scrape)

You’d need to be gentle, patient, and careful unless you want to look for a new electric griddle on the market in no time. We like to use regular or traditional means since they can be gotten anywhere and everywhere and can also ease the stress of spending unnecessarily.

Here are the four easy steps to cleaning your electric griddle:

1. Heat your griddle, then take out the food perks stuck on it.

You must plug in your electric griddle to heat the cooking surface before you start doing anything. This will make all food particles easy to clean and come off. Then unplug and turn it off to get warmer, put on your heat-resistant gloves, and dive in with your flat-headed spatula. Take perks, crumbs, oils, and other items from the surface.

2. Get the hot soapy water and sponge ready

Boil water until it is very hot and gently pour it straight onto the griddle’s surface. Note that the water also contains soap to help remove all the specks of dirt. Apply vinegar or baking soda to the cooking top grill (cooking surface).

To remove nudging food particles, gently scrub using the sponge in a more systemic pattern to get the particles out for good. Rinse with warm water and retake the steps if you need to, but be more gentle.

So that the griddle surface does not get punctured or damaged, lightly do it with care and use the spatula only if the particles are hard to come off. If the last process is frustrating, you can add the vinegar again after cleaning and let it sit for about half an hour. Make sure your gloves are worn all the time!

3. To remove the grease on the surface, wipe with a clean cloth or sponge.

Immediately you’re done with the last step, rinse the cooking surface very well. Then, wipe with a clean, dampened cloth to remove other greasy materials from the griddle top. Ensure the cloth or sponge is soaked in cold water to better wipe the grill. Go over this process again and again to rid the surface of the materials used in washing it, talk as soap, vinegar, or baking soda.

4. Allow the griddle to cool and dry.

This is the last step of cleaning your electric griddle, which you can do multiple times to make it neat. After the previous step, let your griddle dry well, then use a dry towel to clean it up, which will help to remove the grease from it. When this is done, place it on the slab to cool and dry out. Then place it back into its pack or box for better storage.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wash the electric griddle?

You can wash your electric griddle to keep and safeguard most of the exterior finish. Since it is an electric griddle, you must keep water out of the plugs. The best thing to do is to wash the cooking surface with hot soapy water, which can be aided with other materials like vinegar or baking soda. Dry out when done and repeat the process if not satisfied. Then make sure to clean drips on the outer part to keep it neat and brand new.

How do you clean an electric griddle with vinegar?

To clean with vinegar. Boil water till it is hot, mix with soap and pour over the top surface to remove food particles and grease. Then use a sponge to scrub through to get the stuck food off the surface. Dip the sponge in cold water, squeeze, and rinse the surface. If the process needs to be repeated, go ahead or just use the hot water mix but be gentle when scrubbing.

How do you remove buildup on a griddle?

After using the spatula, if need be, you should use a sponge to take off impurities from the griddle surface. Although, burnt foods or other excess perks might still be on the griddle depending on how long it has been used without cleaning. You can use soap to clean out oils and rinse; then, you can dry out with clean towels.

Final Thoughts

As much as you use your electric griddle, cleaning it out after each use is pretty wise. Not just cleaning but maintenance is a proper and essential aspect of using it. Do not clean your electric griddle just when you feel but take care of it and remove food debris and greases when you should.

Research shows that malfunctioning electric cooking appliances are the leading cause of about 15% of home fires. This tells a lot about the state of the appliances and how much you care for them. The total consideration of your appliance at all times will save you stress before the next cooking course.

Keep your cooking surface neat, go over the steps or processes provided just for you and take proper care of your electric griddles. Eat better and tasty meals and improve the lifespan of your griddle for the future.

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