How to Clean Member's Mark Griddle

How Do You Clean Your Member’s Mark Griddle

Have you ever wondered how to clean your Member’s Mark griddle after use without ruining it Here’s a scenario:

You just had your extended family come over to your house and you hosted them a BBQ backyard party. You grilled some meat, and you cooked a lot of other stuff. Now the party’s over and everyone is gone. You’re left with a dirty griddle and you’re stuck trying to figure out how to get it cleaned up. At this point, you may want to hire a professional to get this task done, but that may not be necessary.

Not to worry, in this article, we’ll walk you down the step-by-step process on how to clean Member’s Mark griddle successfully. You don’t need to possess any professional cleaning skills to get this done. Because you can easily achieve this with some simple household items.

Step-by-step guide on how to clean your Member’s Mark griddle

This process is quite simple and you just need to pay attention to little details.

Step 1: Get your Cleaning Equipment Ready

Yes, you’ll need to get your cleaning equipment ready seeing as you can’t go about the cleaning with your bare hands. If you’re a fan of a perfect result, you might want to do a little shopping so that you can get the right tools to do the job. And if you just want to clean and get it over with, you can still make do with what you have at home.

First, you get a scraper, two paper towels, a bottle of water and a bottle of oil. This cleaning equipment is what you need to achieve a cleaner Member’s Mark griddle.

Step 2: Turn up the heater

You need to turn up the heater of the griddle to achieve better and more effective cleaning. When you turn up the heater, it becomes relatively easy for the dirt to be scraped off.

However, you don’t need to heat the griddle like you’re about to grill some meat. Just enough heat is needed to facilitate the cleaning process. Too much heat can cause injury or an accident and the purpose of cleaning by yourself will be defeated.

Step 3: Use the Scraper

You already have your scraper prepared so now’s the time to use it. Grab your scraper and use it to scrape the surface of the Member’s Mark griddle. Scrape the surface gently but firmly. Make sure you’re seeing all those stuck-on meat/food particles come off as you scrape. This process is a bit tricky because applying too much pressure may damage the surface of the griddle. And not applying enough pressure can cause you not to achieve your desired result.

Step 4: Add Water

This part is also a bit tricky too. Applying too much water will lead to rust, considering that the griddle is made of iron. So, in this case, you don’t just take a bowl, scoop water and pour it onto the griddle.

Instead, you get a bottle with a sprayer. This way, you can apply enough water not to cause rust and achieve your aim at the same time. When you spray water on the griddle, you use your scraper to scrape all the parts of your member’s Mark griddle with the water. You do this gently with just enough pressure to remove any remnant particles.

Step 5: Use a paper towel

It doesn’t take forever to scrape the top of your Member’s Mark griddle. When you’re done, you don’t let the breeze dry off the water on the griddle. If you do that, you’re giving way to rust and that’ll ruin your griddle. Instead, grab a paper towel and use it to dab on the surface gently.

Remember that the surface of the griddle is hot because you turned on the heater earlier. You don’t want to use your hand to hold the paper towel while dabbing the surface so that you don’t sustain an injury.

In this case, here’s what you do; you use the scraper to hold the paper towel down on the griddle. Then you move the paper towel across the surface gently. You let the paper towel soak in the water that may still be on the griddle after scraping.

Step 6: Add some oil

At this point, you must have cleaned all the water from the top of the griddle. Here, you also apply the same method as you did when applying water. You just sprinkle some oil on the griddle. You can use any cooking oil that you have to do this. After sprinkling some oil, grab the second paper towel and use it to spread the oil all over the griddle.

This is a way of seasoning your griddle, preparing it for use for another time. Also, it’s a way of preventing rust on your griddle.

With the help of a paper towel, ensure that the oil is evenly distributed across the griddle. You may repeat this process maybe once or twice. The aim is to ensure that the griddle is well seasoned. You’ll know when to stop when it looks like oil is getting burnt. When you’ve completed this, you can take a rest knowing that you’ve completed the cleaning process of your Member’s Mark griddle.


We’ve concluded the article and maybe contrary to what you must have imagined, cleaning your Member’s Mark griddle is quite easy. You do not need any professional supervision to do the cleaning. With simple household items, you can turn your dirty griddle into a sparkling clean one.

Next weekend is another weekend, who says you can’t invite your parents and siblings over to have a good family time? Your family can come over and you all can have some family bonding while grilling some meat on your Member’s Mark Griddle. At least, now you know that you don’t have to employ anyone to do the cleaning of your Griddle because you now have a step-by-step guide to do it yourself.

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