How To Clean The Rock Griddle

How To Clean The Rock Griddle (Fascinating Tips)

Having a Rock griddle in the storage is what makes a weekend get-together, or camping sound more interesting. Because, you get to cook outside, have fun and do some bonding with friends and family.

However, the Rock griddle needs to be maintained and treated carefully if you want it to last for longer while maintaining its performance. Its performance aside, something is appealing about a shiny Rock griddle that makes people want to gather around it more. Also, when your Rock griddle is clean, you’ll be able to make more healthy meals.

Cleaning a Rock griddle can seem like a difficult task especially when it has stuck food on it or when there’s too much grease on it.

In this article, you’ll learn how to clean the Rock griddle and other things about the griddle. Let’s get right into it!

Cleaning a Rock Griddle

Before you go on to begin this cleaning process of the Rock griddle, allow it to cool off a bit. Especially if you want to attempt the cleaning immediately after cooking. Then you make use of warm water and mild dish soap.

After that, you proceed to use either a soft sponge or a non-abrasive cleaning pad to wash the surface. The material you use in cleaning depends on how much is stuck on the food your Rock griddle is. After this, you can rinse off the grill’s top and ensure it dries off. Thereafter,  you can go ahead to keep it away for use next time.

Rock Griddle Cleaning Process

For a more straight description of the Rock griddle process, the subsequent paragraphs contain detailed information on how to clean your Rock griddle. Read on.

When there’s a lot of stuck food on the grill as a result of burnt food, the grill becomes relatively difficult to clean. Hence the process takes time, effort, and patience. But if you follow the cleaning process that’ll be explained below, you’ll have no hard time cleaning your Rock griddle.

  • Firstly, allow the grill to cool off by turning off the heat from the source. At the same time, it shouldn’t get completely cold because a warm or semi-hot grill makes it easier for the debris to come off.
  • Use a paper towel, or a scraper to remove the debris or stuck food on the grill.
  • The next step is to use warm water and a little bit of soap. Mind you, this part is quite tricky because too much soap can make the grill lose its non-stick feature.
  • Then you process to use a soft material, preferably a sponge or a scouring pad to scrub the grill across its surface; from one side to the other.
  • Repeat this process once or twice or till you’re satisfied with its appearance.
  • If any debris or stuck-on food proves stubborn and doesn’t remove, you can leave some warm soapy water on the grill to soak it for some time.
  • Later on, rinse off the grill with fresh water and clean off the soap and debris.
  • You’ll want to use a paper towel to dab the residual water on the grill. This is to avoid rust or corrosion.

And just like that, your Rock griddle is clean and ready to be used the next time.

Important things to know about the Rock Griddle.

  • Unlike other kinds of griddles, the Rock griddle doesn’t require any seasoning after claiming because it is designed with a non-stick surface.
  • Do not use a strong material like a metal scraper to scrape the surface of the grill. Doing this will damage the surface and it may lose its non-stick feature.
  • As much as possible, let your cleaning products be limited to mild washing soap and avoid using harsh chemicals.
  • Always easily for the Rock griddle to cool down a bit. Cleaning a hot griddle will do more harm than good.
  • Apply water to the griddle in small quantities. If you apply water under high pressure, you’re exposing the griddle to rust and corrosion.
  • Do not attempt to use a sharp object to clean a Rock griddle; it has a fragile surface and sharp objects can ruin it.

How to Clean a Burnt Griddle?

To clean a burnt Rock griddle, you’ll require some patience and extra effort. Firstly, get your warm water and dish soap available. Then you add water and soap to the grill, then you let the warm water stay on the pan for some time (5-10 minutes).

Check the time as you wait, once it’s 15 minutes already, you use a silicone scraper to scrape the food debris and it’ll come off easily. However, if the burnt food is extremely burnt, it may take some time to come off. At this point, you may need to go through the same method but this time, you’ll leave it overnight to soak. After that, you can go ahead and scrub the food debris off.

Understanding the Rock Griddle

A Rock griddle is a good gadget for cooking outdoor meals or cooking on camps and outings. It is designed with an extra thick base for heat distribution thereby making cooking easier and faster.

You can prepare different kinds of meals on the Rock griddle, ranging from pancakes to bacon, eggs and a whole lot of others. It is designed with a non-stick surface which means that it’s only in extreme cases of burnt food that food sticks on the surface.

Below are some of the characteristics of the Rock griddle:

  • Non-stick surface
  • Easy to clean
  • A large cooking surface
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Indicator light(mainly for the temperature)
  • Temperature controller

On a final note;

As you’ve seen, cleaning the Rock griddle is not difficult, except in cases where there is burnt food on it. And even at that, you only need patience and a little extra effort.

If you want to maintain its shiny appearance, you’ll have to make sure that you clean it after every use. And to avoid a lot of burnt food, you’ll need to pay extra attention while cooking. Focus on the temperature and adjust it when necessary. With all these tips mentioned above, you’re good to use and enjoy your Rock griddle.

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