How To Cook Frozen Pizza on Blackstone Griddle

How To Cook Frozen Pizza on Blackstone Griddle

Pizza is always a go-to for mini gatherings, even movie nights. Most people hate making pizza from scratch, especially when cravings kick in fast. However, with the right tricks up your sleeve, you can cook frozen pizza for your family and have lots of fun at the same time.

Can you cook frozen pizza on a Blackstone Griddle? How is that even possible? Won’t it take time?

Choosing to cook your frozen pizza on a Blackstone Griddle is faster than putting it in the oven or pan. I have the best hacks for successfully cooking frozen pizza on your Griddle.

If you haven’t tried cooking chilled food on your Blackstone, this article will cover all you need to make the best meals.

Is it Possible to cook Frozen Pizza on your Griddle?

Yes! Pizza can be made easily because the recipe is simple. You can cook tasty pizza using virtually any cooking ware. All you have to know is how to cook it to get a perfect result.

Blackstone is known for how it heats up and cooks food evenly and fast. Getting the toppings of pizza well-cooked might be quite challenging with low heat, especially if frozen. But with a griddle, you can cook frozen pizza and the toppings properly.

There’s always a major concern with frozen foods, as you might not get the same taste when cooked. You can make fresh and frozen pizza on your Blackstone, although there’s mostly an iota of doubt about it.

If you follow the right procedures, your frozen pizza will retain its savory taste and aroma after cooking your Griddle. Your pizza will even taste like a freshly made one. Although using a Griddle for cooking pizza is not highly recommended, you can still use it. You just have to know how to cook pizza properly on a Blackstone.

How to Cook Frozen Pizza on a Griddle

Knowing the procedures for making a frozen pizza on Blackstone Griddle will prevent you from making a mess of both your pizza and your Griddle. So, there are some steps you need to follow to cook your Frozen pizza like a fresh one made on your Griddle.

In this part of the article, several options allow you to choose your preference. You can modify the steps if it helps you cook your frozen pizza properly.

Defroze the Pizza

Before placing the pizza on your Griddle to cook, always get it out of the fridge first. Allow the frozen pizza out at room temperature to completely unfreeze it. When you leave your pizza at a room temperature level to thaw, you’ll even get a better taste and crust after cooking.

If you want to allow your pizza to cook fast, you should make sure it is unfrozen before attempting to cook it on your Griddle. In less time, you’ll even be able to cook.

Your pizza won’t cook properly on the inside when it is not patiently thawed. The steam will also reduce when cooking on your Blackstone.

Preheat your Griddle

It is best to start heating your Griddle while your pizza is fully unfrozen. Preheating your Blackstone before your pizza when finally unfrozen makes your preparation faster.

Blackstones have multiple burners. So when you heat the surface of your griddle, you can cook on any part of it as long as the burners are actively working. Your pizza will cook evenly on your griddle when preheated and fully thawed.

Don’t forget to overheat your Blackstone before cooking. Ensure you keep it at a medium heat level until the pizza is fully cooked.

Add Toppings

If you like to garnish your pizza with different toppings, you should do that before the pizza is completely unfrozen. People have different preferences when it comes to pizza toppings, and it is important that you consider everyone’s needs before you choose the ideal topping.

When you add your toppings before cooking, the flavors of the different ingredients will mix with the pizza. After you add it, you can now allow the pizza to fully unfreeze before placing it on your Blackstone’s surface to cook. Your frozen pizza will taste fresh and delicious after cooking on your Griddle.

Cook the Pizza

Once you’ve preheated the Griddle to a certain level, you can cook your pizza. The pizza should be placed at the center of the Blackstone surface. Even though where the pizza is placed on cooking does not matter if it is properly heated.

It is advisable to cook your pizza at the center of your Blackstone Griddle, especially when you need to flip the pizza to the second side. When you add new toppings, you can turn the pizza easily if it’s in the middle. Doing that allows the ingredients to cook evenly with the ones added before you started cooking.

Best Tips on Cooking your Frozen Pizza

If you want to cook your frozen pizza faster, there are some amazing tips to follow;

Get a Spatula

Cooking and flipping your pizza while cooking on a Griddle is much easier when you use a spatula. You don’t want your pizza getting all messy on your grill’s surface. Getting a wide spatula big enough to turn a pizza is best. This way, you can enjoy your pizza and still make it look attractive, especially if you have visitors.

Invest in a Pizza Cover

When you cook your pizza without covering it, the toppings take time before it gets evenly cooked. You should get a pizza dome to cover your pizza while cooking on your Griddle. The cover allows you to cook faster and evenly.


Frozen pizza becomes a normal freshly made pizza when it is cooked right on a Blackstone Griddle. You must follow some procedures to cook your pizza and keep that fresh flavor.

The pizza flavors remain when allowed to thaw fully before placing it on your Blackstone to cook. Once you preheat your griddle, you save time and make your work more effective. Using a spatula and pizza dome is a trick that improves the presentation of your frozen pizza.

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