How to Level a Blackstone Griddle

How to Level a Blackstone Griddle

Have you noticed that your food is not evenly cooked on the griddle? That means you need to level it properly.

Aside from ensuring your food is well cooked, it is important to level your Griddle stone to ensure safety. You also want to get your food evenly cooked too. When your level surface is not flat, it increases the chances of fire hazards. Better to be safe, right?

The oil tilts to the side and doesn’t spread evenly when cooking. You may have to cook for longer than you won’t normally do. It is best to have your Blackstone Griddle at a flat level surface as it should be.

How do you level your Blackstone Griddle? I have all the information you need right here. Let’s go through what you need to do together.

Why Should You Level Your Griddle?

The main reason you should consider leveling your Blackstone Griddle is safety. It is one of the safety measures that is highly recommended for using your griddle comfortably without getting into any accidents.

If your griddle needs to be better balanced on a surface level it might give you more cleaning to do after cooking. When your griddle is not on a flat surface, the oil will not spread evenly, which may lead to oil spilling over the cooking area.

How to Know Your Griddle Needs to be Leveled

When should your grid be leveled? There are several ways to know that your Blackstone needs to be better leveled. Let’s dive deeper;

Cooking Oil settles on one side of the Griddle

When your seasoning or cooking oil moves in one direction of your Griddle, your Blackstone Griddle needs to be leveled. Your food won’t get evenly done on time.

If your cooking takes longer than usual, then something is wrong somewhere. That’s when you discover your grid is not leveled properly. I recommend you level your Griddle to get a good cooking balance.

Visual Inspection

Another way to know if your griddle is not level is by inspecting it. You should check and glance through to see the details if it is properly leveled or not.

When your griddle is sitting on the surface in a slant manner, that’s how you know it is not leveled. It is so obvious. Once your Blackstone Griddle sits on a rough surface, it is sure not leveled.

If your grid has wheels and one sits on a flat surface and the other on a rough or an object, that equals bad leveling. You should always inspect your Griddle every time to make sure it is leveled.

2 Best Ways to Level your Blackstone Griddle

Do you want your Griddle to cook evenly and effectively? Then you should level it. Here are two major simple ways to level your griddle;


Fixing washers under your Griddle’s top wheels is one of the best ways to level your Griddle. Placing washers underneath is the best option when your Griddle does not need much leveling.

Washers are great to be used when the leveling condition is minor. You should not use more than two washers for your Blackstone Griddle. Using more than two can be dangerous because the top of the wheels holds your Blackstone’s frame. It might lose balance.

One or two washers will level your Blackstone Griddle well as long as it is a minor leveling issue. If your Griddle leveling is off by a centimeter or two, washers will get the appropriate level you need.


Leveling your Griddle with either cardboard or wood means the level of your Griddle is critical. That means your level is more than two centimeters or more. There are better options than choosing to use a washer in this kind of condition. You want your Blackstone to be appropriately level today. Enjoy your cooking experience, right?

The best time to use wood/cardboard to level your Griddle is when it is placed on a rough surface. I’m sure you’d prefer to cook on an even surface. So I recommend you layer your Blackstone Griddle bottom with wood or cardboard.

You should add the layer of wood or cardboard one after the other, starting by placing a thin layer. Then if it needs more layers you can add more. Once the Griddle is leveled properly, you can cook evenly on it.

If you want to know if your Blackstone Griddle is leveled, test it by pouring in a small amount of water. When you pour in the water, and it moves, your Griddle is yet to be leveled. If it does not move, you are good to go. 

Steps to Level your Griddle

  • Find a flat surface to place your Blackstone Griddle on.
  • Use a level on the Griddle’s surface
  • Adjust the griddle using thin layers of cardboard or a washer underneath the top of the wheel’s feet.
  • Test the cooking surface by adding a little water to the cooking area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix uneven seasoning on my Griddle?

You should consider leveling your Blackstone Griddle appropriately. Uneven seasoning occurs when the surface level at your griddle is placed is not even or rough.

Why do you sprinkle water on a Griddle?

It makes cleaning easy after cooking. Sprinkling water helps you keep the heat down so you won’t burn what you’re cooking.

Can you put a Blackstone Griddle on Grass?

Yes, but putting your Blackstone Griddle on Grass is not recommended. It is not the ideal surface that you need. A level surface is the best.


A level surface is the best way to enjoy a great cooking experience. You should consider adding a level if you still have your griddle on an uneven surface.

There are some smart, effective ways to get a perfect level surface for your Blackstone Griddle. Consider using the options provided in this article. They are pretty helpful.

If you are still contemplating why your Griddle does not cook evenly, you should inspect your Griddle today. You will discover it all comes to how it is leveled.

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