Loco Griddle vs. Blackstone Griddle

Loco Griddle vs. Blackstone Griddle – We Compared Them Both!

It’s okay to get stuck at some point when streamlining your options to that one griddle that meets all of your cooking and grilling needs. This guide will make a comparison between the popular cooking pot company, Lock, and the industry-leading Blackstone.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be certain of what griddle to purchase for your next indoor and outdoor cooking.

Loco Griddle 36 Inches vs. Blackstone

We shall be comparing the Loco 36 inches griddle with the Blackstone Griddle, highlighting important features as we do so.

Build Quality

What stands out primarily is its sturdy body construction. Several traditional grills are known for their tough build quality, and newer versions are starting to pay attention to this key feature.

The build quality of the Loco Griddle is very solid, which quite complements the extra additions that are absent in traditional griddles. However, the strength of the front doors on the storage area right in the front is a little flimsier than the rest of the unit. You might want to take note of that when swinging it open.

The Blackstone Griddle may not have a storage area front door, but it also has rock-solid build quality, and it easily wins in this category because of the worry about the Loco Griddle’s flimsy door. Take that out, and this would have been a tie.

Mode of Operation

One other thing you have to deal with on the Loco griddle over the Blackstone Griddle is that you have to plug it in to have a fully operational grill. The Blackstone Griddle, which has a more conventional mode of operation, doesn’t need to be plugged in before you can cook.

How you like to operate your griddle is left to decide, but you can either have an accessible plug-and-play mode or the old-fashioned way.


Sitting side-by-side with the Blackstone, the Loco griddle sits a bit taller, about 4 to 5 inches high above the ground. In addition to the high griddle on the Loco, it has some monstrous wheels, while the Blackstone has undersized wheels with standard casters.

For people who want a nice-looking griddle that gives a bright appearance to their grill, the Loco griddle 36 inches is the right fit. The Blackstone, on the other hand, fades off pretty fast when exposed to the sun over a prolonged period. If you are using the Blackstone outside, you’ll need to cover it after every use.

In this category, the Loco griddle has the edge over the Blackstone, all thanks to the massive wheels.

Shelf Portability

On the Loco 36 inches griddle, you have a portable shelf on both sides of the griddle. Once you’re done cooking, you can simply pop up the shelf and fold it down. Although the newer Blackstone Griddle versions have higher up and fold-down shelves, this unit does not do so.

Storage Cabinet

Looking at the overall appearance of these griddles, the Loco 36 inches can be considered the pro series to the Blackstone and other traditional grills. It has a cabinet underneath the grill. This addition is absent in the Blackstone Griddle. The cabinet on the Loco hides the propane, which is revealed in the Blackstone, sitting at the side of the setup.

Mobility and Portability

If you need to move the grill from one place to another, the Loco griddle will permit more mobility than the Blackstone griddle because of its huge wheels.

Concerning portability, however, the Blackstone Griddle can easily be carried over relatively long distances for several outdoor cooking such as camping. The Loco Griddle is not very portable as you’ll require a more effective means to carry the griddle when going camping or for other outdoor cooking activities such as a party.


While both griddles have the great build quality, the Blackstone tends to turn gray after some time but retains its optimum function. The Loco griddle, even though it retains its outward appearance, quickly develops a fault with technological additions like the temperature control system.

The Blackstone in the category makes a better long run than the Loco griddle in that it maintains a brilliant performance than the fancy Loco griddle.

Waste Management System

Waste management helps get rid of excess grease from your cooking. The Blackstone has a larger waste disposal hole and a larger grease collector than the Loco 36 Griddle. Moreover, the grease trap on the Loco is way smaller—about half the size of the grease trap on the Blackstone.


The Loco griddle takes more time to the season when compared to the Blackstone. With time, you’ll spend less time seasoning your Loco griddle, but right out of the box, it takes time to get to that point where you feel it’s ready to cook on it.

36 in. Cooking Space, Close Cart 3-Burner Propane Grill/Griddle in Beige/Bisque

36 in. Cooking Space


  • Dimensions: 71.81″ D x 27.95″ W x 44.13″ H
  • Weight: 159.97 lb
  • Cooking area: 740 square inch

Sturdy Grill Lid

The first thing with the Loco 36 inches griddle is that it has a lid that feels a little more sturdy than some newer versions of the Blackstone. Although not the sturdiest you’ll find on a top-tier griddle, it doesn’t flex badly.

You’ll find the lid to open and close smoothly. This allows users to cover their grill when not in use to prevent contaminants from getting on the grill.

Smart Temperature System

The Loco Griddle has a temperature gauge resulting from the “smart temperature control system” installed on it. Each temperature gauge sits on each zone and constantly kicks the burners on and off to maintain a steady temperature while you cook. You can set the temperature of this griddle to your desired hotness with a 25-degree increment.

The smart temperature controls work pretty well during your cooking. You will often hear the unit making some clicking sound when adjusting to the temperature of the grill. This sound is similar to what you hear when you push the ignition button.

Useful Side Tables

As explained earlier, the si.de tables of the Loco 36 inches griddle are useful other than holding extra equipment. You can fold the side tables down. The hinge allows you to pick up the side tables and drop them down to achieve a folded state. Another plus to the Loco griddle side table is that it features a trash bag holder right underneath the right side of the table.

If you have a big trash bag, it may not hold firmly. So ensure that you get a much smaller trash bag if you want the holder to retain a firm grip on it as you dispose of dirt.

Moving on to the other side of the Loco 36 Griddle, you will notice it has a paper towel holder underneath the table. This feature gives it a fancy look, encouraging more activity on the grill. In addition to the paper towel holder feature, a spring-loaded holder works in tandem with the paper towel holder to keep the towel from rolling excessively.

Grease Management

Still on the left side of the Loco 36 Griddle is the grease trap that sucks out geese when cooking. Grease management on this griddle is effective and all grease is collected in a small-sized container tucked under the grill.

The top of the cabinet features a little silver piece at the base of the grill’s leg. Put a wrench on it and you can level your grill one way or another. You can adjust the grill to get rid of grease without scooping them to one side all the time.

Extra Storage Unit

When cooking on a grill, you need every space possible to utilize your cooking time. This could sometimes mean extra storage units for keeping some of your stuff. The Loco 36 inches Griddle has a small storage tray next to the grease collector. This space is used initially to store the plug to the griddle but can be used to keep vital stuff when the griddle is plugged in.

Another part of the Loco 36 Griddle that can be utilized for cooking is the cabinet under the grill. You’ll want to keep large cooking items in place at some point in your cooking. The cabinet serves that purpose.

Infrared Thermometer

Finally, the Loco 36 Griddle has an infrared thermometer to detect the grill’s temperature at different zones. This will help you to know the exact temperature you’re cooking at when the burner toggle is in “sear” mode.


  • It is a strong performer in a windy environment
  • Accurate temperature reading for proper heat management
  • It has a thumb screw to hold the propane tank in place


  • Temperature control needs some improvement
  • Storage doors aren’t very durable
  • The grease trap can be improved

Blackstone 36″ Cooking Station 4 Burner Propane Fuelled Restaurant Grade Professional 36 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle with Built-in Cutting Board, Garbage Holder, and Side Shelf (1825), Black

Blackstone 36 Cooking Station


  • Dimensions: ‎66.52″D x 27.6″W x 35.43″H
  • Weight: 132.7 pounds
  • Burner: 60,000 BTUs

The Blackstone 36 inches cooking station is slightly different in dimensions from the 1554 cooking station as it has ‎66.52″D x 27.6″W x 35.43″H to make it more accommodative. The build quality of this griddle is good, made from durable stainless steel.


The design on this griddle comes as an improvement from its predecessor with side tables for prep that are equipped with a cutting board, garbage collector holder, and towel rack. The Blackstone 36 inches cooking station adds a rare hole for proper grease management as an improvement also from former versions.

Adjustable Heat Zones

There are four adjustable heat zines in this griddle, making it versatile for grilling for cooking different foods at the same time. You can make manual adjustments to individual burners to get desired results on your cooking adventure without worrying about burning your meal.

Expansive Cooktop

The Blackstone 36 inches cooking station presents users with a large cooktop that is big enough to cater for parties and large serving orders. With that established, the cooktop on this griddle makes it equally possible to utilize just one, two, or even three of these burners when cooking for fewer persons.

Electrical Ignition Systems

Similar to the 28 inches Blackstone Griddle, this unit also has an electrical ignition system. You do not have to worry about fueling and trying to ignite the grill.


This griddle comes with four castors, all of which make it easier for you to roll the grill around the campsite or your backyard. The castors also help with the easy transport of the griddle. Once you’ve secured a perfect spot for your cooking or grilling, the casters will make sure you have a solid griddle establishment.

Storage Shelves

In place of the storage cabinets on the Loco 36 inches griddle, this unit has storage shelves that help you store your cooking and grilling pieces of equipment.


  • It has a  large area for cooking
  • The shelves provide room for extra storage
  • It has foldable legs.
  • Travel-friendly
  • Good build quality.


  • The paint comes off very easily.
  • Side shelves are not foldable.

Best Griddle Features To Consider – Buyer’s Guide

The buyer’s guide section helps you to make an informed decision when purchasing a griddle. There are myriads of considerations to make, but we have selected the best options for you.

Griddle Size

The size of the griddle you’ll be purchasing is as important. For most flat top griddles, you’ll find 17, 24, 28, and 26 inches to choose from. Depending on your cooking requirements and the number of people you’ll be serving will determine the size of griddle you’ll be purchasing.

Gas or Electric

Electric griddles are purposed for both indoor and outdoor use with a non-stick surface. You necessarily do not have to season electric griddles before cooking. Gas griddles on the other hand require seasoning before use and are meant for outdoor use only.

Gas griddles add flavor to your food and have better sear compared to the electric griddle, but electric griddles can be cleaned easily.


Effective cooking on a grill can be credited to the burner. The quantity of your cooking and how often you make use of the griddle will determine the number of burners you need. For basic home use, you can do it with one or two burners. For outdoor cooking, however, you’ll need a griddle that offers at least three burners. You’ll find both on their Blackstone and Loco 36 Griddle.

Additional Features

There are so many accessories that you’ll find on various griddles on the market. If you’re concerned about getting the best from your cooking experience, then you’ll appreciate a side shelf, garbage bag holder, grease management system, grill cover, and caster wheel for keeping the griddle in place.


Both the Loco 36 inches griddle and the Blackstone 36 inches cooking station have their unique places and will be fit for different cooking purposes. Based on our review and head-to-head comparison, the Loco 36 inches griddle takes it away with its overall appearance and travel-friendly features.

If you want a griddle that fits well for both indoor and outdoor cooking and grilling, then the Loco 36 inches griddle is the ideal unit. On the other hand, if you want an outdoor and travel-friendly griddle with equal efficiency, the Blackstone is your best bet.

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