Members Mark Griddle vs. Blackstone Griddle

Members Mark Griddle vs. Blackstone Griddle (Comparison)

Cooking at home becomes more accessible every day. Credits go to the available cooking aids we have in innovative griddles today. Members Mark and Blackstone are part of the group that makes summer outdoor cooking exhilarating.

Speaking of griddles, their introduction to the cooktop market offers versatility in terms of use and helps you to get rid of the traditional charcoal-dependent grills. With griddles, you can go on an effortless cooking spree.

However, today, we shall be comparing two griddle brands side-by-side. The Member’s Mark Griddle and versus the Blackstone Griddle; their features and how your outdoor cooking experience can take a major leap.

Before that, let’s give a little background story about both brands.

Member’s Mark vs. Blackstone – Overview

Member’s Mark

Owned by the Sam’s Club members, Member’s Mark griddles are manufactured with quality materials strong enough to withstand harsh indoor and outdoor cooking conditions.

Because it is difficult to ascertain where Member’s Mark grills are made, it is assumed their products are manufactured in China.

Not only are griddle products from Member’s Mark sturdy, but they also offer value for your money. Since 2017, they have remained in the business of delivering top-quality merchandise to meet culinary needs.


The Blackstone brand is a prominent griddle manufacturer in the industry. Established in 2005, Blackstone has remained devoted to making griddles with flag tops with innovative additions to boost cooking confidence.

The simple griddle designs adopted by Blackstone make it easy for entry-level and professional chefs to cook excellent meals in no time. You’ll also appreciate that Blackstone makes some of the most user-friendly griddles, aiming at efficiency.

Although manufactured in China, all Blackstone griddles are engineered in the United States and have a unique choice of material quality. Blackstone griddles are better off than some expensive griddle brands despite being affordable.

Members Mark vs. Blackstone – Comparison

Members Mark and Blackstone share some common griddle features. They both have a broad cooking area to cater to a large number, especially when hosting outdoor parties. Both brands also have four burners, which can be independently adjusted to cook different foods.

Despite having a handful of features in common, the Member’s Mark and Blackstone griddles have some other differences, which we will examine.

To get a clear picture of these griddles, one needs to put them side-by-side to see what to expect and how they suit your cooking requirements.

Grease Management System

The Member’s Mark and the Blackstone griddle come with a grease tray to manage excess oil when cooking. You will find a built-in disposable grease tray on the Member’s Mark Griddle. This system helps to collect drained grease while cooking or grilling, and then you can dispose of what’s in the tray.

On the other hand, the Blackstone griddle has a grease channel designed to drain excess oil from your cooking area and keep your food healthy. The problem with the Blackstone grease management system is its tendency to leak while cooking.


Another factor contributing to a griddle’s usefulness is its weight. It is too light and may never be strong enough to handle outdoor cooking. You’ll have to deal with conveyance when changing your cooking spot if it’s too heavy. So, a griddle should have the correct weight compared to other features.

The Member’s Mark 36 inches griddle weighs 120 pounds, slightly heavier than the Blackstone 36 inches griddle, which weighs 110 pounds. The Blackstone 36 inches griddle will be easier to carry along on camping or hiking activities.

The Member’s Mark griddle is also easy to move around, but you’ll notice the slight difference at once. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re cooking in your backyard.

Heat Management System

You want to be sure how well your griddle contains heat and distributes it evenly across different zones. When a griddle’s heating system doesn’t supply enough heat to the cooking surface or takes longer than expected to heat up, it affects what you are cooking.

The Member’s Mark griddle and the Blackstone griddle have an efficient heat management system with complementing technology. Both products provide adjustable heating systems and take little time to get fired up.

There are four independent burners on both griddles that allow you to cook in different heat zones. For example, you can cook your favorite meal at a high temperature and then pass it to a low-heat zone on your cooking surface to keep it warm. In this category, both griddles perform excellently.

Cooking Surface

If you’re planning to make food for many friends and family, you will need a griddle with a larger cooking surface. Both griddles have an accommodative cooking surface of 720 square inches, allowing you to cook all your food at once.

The Blackstone 36 inches griddle has a cooking surface made of hot-rolled steel, allowing it to tolerate very high temperatures. The build material helps with its durability and even distribution of heat.

On the other hand, the Member’s Mark 36 inches griddle has a cooking area made of solid steel. Steel material is excellent for retaining heat but doesn’t heat up fast enough.

In this comparison, the Blackstone wins with its hot-rolled steel for proper heat retention, quick heating, and even heat distribution.


You do not want to invest your money on a griddle that lacks the build quality to sustain its use over a long period. Thus, a griddle’s construction is very vital when planning to purchase one.

The good news about the Member’s Mark 36 inches griddle and the Blackstone 36 inches griddle is that both products are durable. They can serve every one of your cooking needs for a long time.

However, if you’re looking for a griddle that offers amazingly tough griddle strength, then the Blackstone takes it away in this case. The Blackstone 36 inches griddle is made from durable steel, retaining its solid form under heavy load.


Price is the factor that influences every other consideration one could have towards a griddle. Between the Member’s Mark and the Blackstone griddle, you will have to inquire more into your treasury to purchase the Blackstone.

The Member’s Mark 36 inches griddle is quite affordable and economical. The Member’s Mark Griddle will come through well if you want to purchase a griddle on a fair budget.

Besides comparing the main features of the Member’s Mark and the Blackstone griddle, there are, however, some minor features to consider as you make a purchase.


The Member’s Mark griddle comes with extra features such as shelves on the handle. These shelves can hang cooking and grilling equipment like tongs and spatulas. The Blackstone has shelf handles for hanging vital equipment when cooking. This is important when cooking different meals.

Grill Cover

Grill covers are a fantastic feature to have on your griddle. The Member’s Mark comes with a custom grill cover. This grill cover lets you cover your grill after cooking for more accessible storage.

On the other hand, the Blackstone griddle lacks a grill cover, but you can fold up the legs once you’re done cooking to make it easy for storage.

Setting up the Grills

Setting up the Member’s Mark and the Blackstone griddle is pretty straightforward. After getting your Blackstone griddle, you’ll need to fix some parts to have it operational.

The cooking surface can permanently be removed, and you won’t have to do anything to it. However, you should check the side shelves to be sure they are screwed firmly. Most griddle products are delivered with loose screws in some areas. Make sure you tighten any loose screws before using your Blackstone griddle.

For the legs of the Blackstone griddle, you simply need to unfold all four to make it stand upright, then set the cooking surface on top to have a ready grill.

The interesting thing about setting up the Blackstone 36 inches griddle is that you do not require tools for any procedures. Thumbscrews are made available, so you’ll need to fasten them with your hands.

Similarly, for the Member’s Mark 36 inches griddle, you must ensure that every part of the griddle is attached correctly. Most importantly, be sure that the side shelves aren’t loosely joined.

BlacThe Member’s Mark Griddle will come through well iftone 1554 36″ Griddle Cooking Station Gas Grill, 36 Inch, Black.

BlacThe Member's Mark Griddle


  • Dimensions: 70 x 48 x 22 inches
  • BTUs: 60,000
  • Weight: 110 pounds
  • Burners: 4
  • Cooking area: 720 sq in

The Blackstone 36 inches griddle is one of its kind in that it is designed to cook food evenly, more than any other griddle in its class. This griddle features four adjustable burners, ranging in temperature from low to searing. With this addition, it is easy to cook food for many people. Creating different heat zones on this griddle is easy; you can turn each burner to the desired heat level to cook your food.

Having tables on both sides also makes this griddle handy when preparing food. You can find the tables useful without having to leave your griddle station to make preparations before cooking. Hence, you can do all you want at the griddle station. The table underneath the heat controls also makes room for storage.

The Blackstone 36 inches griddle gives 720 square inches of accommodation when it comes to the cooking surfaces. This cooking surface is large enough for a fleet of family soldiers. You’ll also appreciate that it is resistant to rust and effectively removes grease.


  • It is straightforward to clean.
  • It has four sturdy wheels for mobility
  • Wide cooking area
  • Body construction is made of steel; hence durable
  • It has a helpful side table and shelf


  • It is a bit chunky to move around due to its large surface
  • The design could be more appealing

The Members Mark 36 inches

Members Mark 36 inches


  • Dimensions: 40 x 25 x 14.5 in
  • BTUs: 60,000
  • Weight: 120 pounds
  • Burners: 4
  • Cooking area: 720 sq in

If you’re searching for a griddle that makes delicious barbecue, the Member’s Mark 36 inches griddle is the right tool to execute the job. Similar to the Blackstone 36 inches griddle, this unit has a cooking surface of 720 square inches. This is enough to prepare 30 burgers simultaneously without worrying about burning any.

The side shelves on this griddle are decked with towel/rag bars that allow you to keep them close to you when cooking. Hooks on the side shelves can also be used to hang cooking utensils to avoid occupying the tabletop.

What if you have larger cooking items? This griddle has a shelf beneath the grill where you can keep large cooking items. The Members Mark has a grill cover that lets you keep the cooking surface free from dirt.

If you often cook outdoors, you will appreciate that the Member’s Mark 36 inches griddle is convenient for camping or hiking.


  • It has a proper storage system.
  • Built-in grease management system
  • Very durable
  • Lightweight


  • Grill material does not heat up so fast
  • The grill cover fades quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

Blackstone or Member’s Mark Griddle: Which is Better?

You will find quality in both griddle products. But if you want a griddle that is an efficient grill, the Blackstone is the best option. This is because Blackstone dominates the market in terms of griddle production, and they make one of the most efficient grills. You will enjoy versatility and durability on both griddles, but heat distribution and control are better on the Blackstone.

What Is Special About Blackstone Griddles?

Blackstone griddles provide many benefits to users all around. Among those benefits is offering a large cooking surface, which allows you to prepare different meals simultaneously.

Another benefit of using Blackstone Griddles is that you can adjust the burners’ heat individually. You can create heat zones with this control system.

Are Flat-top Grills Important?

Of course! Griddles with flat-top grills are very important when cooking meals that aren’t feasible with conventional grills. The flat solid surface for cooking also prevents your food from directly contacting the flame, holding the grease, so you have moisturized food.

Who is the Manufacturer of Member’s Mark Griddles?

The Sam’s Club manufactures member’s mark griddles. They provide customers with efficient and affordable griddles that do not lack quality.

Wrapping it up

Outdoor cooking on griddles has continued as a popular day-to-day activity as people never cease to see a reason to use one of these versatile products. Griddles can recreate the restaurant experience in your backyard.

If you’re concerned about preparing the best meal, you’d like to probe into the unique features of a griddle to ensure it fits your requirements. The Member’s Mark and the Blackstone 36 inches griddle have great features which will meet your outdoor cooking needs.

They are both versatile, durable, and have a large cooking surface. However, it is up to you to choose which of these brands has what it takes to satisfy your personal preferences. This guide will point you in the direction of making that choice.

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