Steak on Blackstone vs Grill: Which Is Better

Steak on Blackstone vs Grill: Which Is Better?

When it comes to the timeless contest; Blackstone vs. Grill, the only thing yet undone is to have a reality show on the subject.

Who wouldn’t want to see an episode of MasterChef where chefs compete on whose Blackstone or grill steak tastes best?

But while we wait for the final verdict on Blackstone vs grill, you should know which equipment to use for cooking your steak at home.

In this article, we’ll compare both Blackstone and grill, sizing up their pros and cons, and leave you with enough information to make the right choice for your next backyard barbeque.

What Are The Differences Between Blackstone vs Grill?

If you are searching the Internet for an article like this, then I can assume that you can differentiate between a Blackstone griddle and a grill on sight. Nevertheless, let’s go through it one more time.

Blackstone griddles feature a flat stainless steel surface that allows for heat to spread evenly. Thus, multiple food items can be cooked on it  simultaneously.

The griddle needs to be coated with a thin layer of oil bgrillsmustis called seasoning; it prevents rusting and makes clean-up easier.

Anything that can be cooked in a pan, can be cooked on a griddle so eggs, steak, chicken, and pancakes are all on the menu.

A traditional grill, on the other hand, features grates. Gas, charcoal, and electric grills are the three main types of grills.

Here we’ll limit our comparison to the charcoal grill because it is the “authentic” grill for summer barbeques. Grills are excellent choices when direct heat is needed to cook.

Steak On Blackstone Vs. Grill: Which Is Better?

Grilling is to summer as snowboarding is to winter, and steak is a common feature in barbeque menus. All and sundry enjoy steak, but the elephant in the room has always been which is better, Blackstone steak or grill steak.

To help you find an answer to this question, we’ll use four factors to compare both. Below are the factors:

  • Food
  • Cooking process
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Purpose of BBQ

These four factors are comfortably satisfied by all outdoor cooking equipment, and the Blackstone vs. grill does the same too.


There would have been no debate, to begin with, if the food itself was not being considered. What makes a steak grilled on a traditional grill different from another grilled one using a Blackstone griddle? Why are they different?

The difference between Blackstone vs. grilled steak is mostly in this. Grill steak always retains a smokey flavor many people enjoy.

The smokey flavor brings up memories of Scout and Guide campfires. Hence grilled steak is often associated with social life and backyard parties.

The nostalgic smokey flavor cannot be gotten without a traditional grill which gives the grill a point over Blackstone griddles. The charred texture of grill steaks is also another exclusive characteristic.

But steaks grilled on Blackstone griddles are not any less delicious. They are juicier and have more flavor than grilled steaks. Because fat drips out of the meat through the grate, grill steaks are drier and less flavorful than Blackstone steaks.

Ask any chef, and you will find out that fat gives cooked meat its delicious flavor. Also, Blackstone steaks tend to be juicier and smoother because they retain most of their fat content.

Cooking Process

When the cooking process is considered, Blackstone griddles take an outright win over traditional grills. Grilling area on a grill is easier because of certain ergonomics.

Heat is evenly distributed over the flat surface of a Blackstone grill which allows the food on top to be well cooked.

Every inch of your steak receives the same amount of heat over the same period, so no part cooks faster. You also have the option of cooking multiple steaks at the same time due to the same reason.

In a charcoal grill, you must keep an eye on each slab of meat to ensure your steaks cook evenly. Also, there is little you can do to regulate the heat from below, whereas griddles provide the option of regulating heat using knobs.

Lastly, grilling on a griddle might be healthier than using a grill. Although grills help to reduce the fat content in steak, researchers believe that cooking over an open flame may cause the development of harmful chemicals in the meat, which may cause cancer.

Equipment Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the equipment is often overlooked in Blackstone vs. grill debates, but it is quite important.

You might not have time to do thorough cleaning regularly or detest it, and then thinking of the clean-up would make barbeques look less appealing to you.

Maintaining a grill is relatively low. You may need to scrape leftovers from the grates after each barbeque, but thorough clean-ups would be needed only 2-3 times a year. When you clean up, you will need an entire afternoon for burned scraps and dried fat to come off.

Blackstone griddles usually require high more high-maintenance. Although you do not need to worry much about fat, you will still have time to clean your grill regularly.

So while grills need thorough cleaning infrequently, griddles need light maintenance regularly. Considering that both types of maintenance cancel out when compared, I suggest you pick whichever cleaning frequency is more comfortable for you.

Purpose Of Barbeque

Yes, this seems like a sideline, but it should be noted. If your barbeque is a part of a big party or get-together, I suggest serving griddle steak.

It is juicier and has more flavor, and clean-up would be relatively easier. If it were for a small party or just a family Thanksgiving, then grilled steak would be right for the occasion.

Final Thought

Ultimately, the answer is left to you. Picking either over the other boils down to preferences. Both have their respective pros and cons. You would prefer a smoky steak in a dish but not in a hamburger, where juicier griddle steak would taste better.

Your choice can also come from your personality. An outdoor-loving person would likely pick the grill over the skillet. Just pick whichever makes your taste buds dance.

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