What to Put In Griddle Squirt Bottles

What to Put In Griddle Squirt Bottles

If you have seen someone who uses a bottle to sprinkle on food while grilling, you must wonder what that is. Blackstone Griddles comes with some accessories, which include squirt bottles.

That bottle you have seen being used while cooking on a Blackstone Griddle is called a Griddle squirt bottle, and it is popularly known as a squeeze or Blackstone bottle. It is a must-have for you to enjoy your grilling experience.

You might have been looking at those bottles and what is in them. Want to know what should go in Griddle squirt bottles? This article has the right information you need.

What is in Griddle Squirt Bottles?

Squirt bottles are part of the accessories included with a Blackstone Griddle set. It is well-designed for proper use. The shape of Griddle squirt bottles comes mostly in squares, allowing for easy squeezing of whatever ingredient is in them.

The curious question is, what do you put in griddle squirt bottles? Well, you can put several seasoning ingredients inside a squirt bottle. Here is a list of ingredients you can put inside your Griddle Squirt bottle;


Cleaning your griddle appropriately is important. You should always clean your Blackstone after cooking on it. In cleaning a Griddle, it is good to sprinkle water on the surface; it helps you clean better. Water is a necessary cleaning liquid for your Blackstone Griddle.

Having water, you can use to clean nearby is made easy when you use squirt bottles. You can easily sprinkle water on your Griddle when cleaning. You don’t have to use your hands to sprinkle water.


Oil is the major cooking ingredient for griddles. You can’t cook on the surface of your Blackstone without seasoning it with oil. When cooking, you won’t want to pour in excess oil; that’s how squirt bottles come into play.

Squirt bottles allow you to season easily with the right cooking oil. It will save you from pouring directly from your whole bottle of oil. When you season with oil appropriately, you can grill well without worrying about food sticking to the surface. You can put oil in your squirt bottle, but it is best to get oils if its smoke point is high.


Nobody wants food that doesn’t have enough flavor, and you want something tasty. Depending on your preference, seasoning food with different sauces allows you to enjoy a tasty meal after cooking.

The food you are cooking is not what matters but how well you want it to have good flavor or taste. Squirt bottles are great for adding sauces to food when you are cooking or after cooking.

Some foods like fish or steak mostly need to be marinated with sauces. You can squeeze the right amount of sauce into the food using a squirt bottle. A tasty meal is prepared faster and easily, right?

Sour Cream

Sour cream is majorly used as a dip for tasty meals. Getting the right amount of sour cream out of any container or jar can be challenging. But you don’t have anything to worry about with a squirt bottle.

You can fill squirt bottles with sour cream so you can easily squeeze it out whenever you want to use it. There’s no limit to how much sour cream you can use as long as you keep filling your Griddle squirt bottles. Plating your meals becomes easy, and you have a good food presentation.

Why You Should Buy Griddle Squirt Bottles?

Although you can use random bottles and decide to punch a hole in them to squee, it won’t work effectively as Griddle squirt bottles would. You should get squirt bottles if you don’t want to experience leakages.

If you are looking for a squeeze bottle, you can grip and use, I advise you get a Griddle squirt bottle. They are durable and can hold enough seasoning. The bottles don,t only hold water and oil. The ingredients you can put into squirt bottles are unlimited if you squeeze them out easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use Squirt Bottles for on a Griddle?

You can use squirt bottles to season the surface of your Blackstone with oil before cooking. Squirt bottles can be filled with water to clean your griddle properly.

What should I put in a squirt bottle?

It depends on what you want to use for your food during or after cooking. You can fill your squirt bottle with oil, water, different sauces, and even sour cream. Seasoning food is made easy with squirt bottles.

What kind of Oil should I use on my Griddle?

It is best advised and highly recommended to season your griddle with high smoke points, such as vegetable oil or avocado oil.

You can use different kinds of oil you prefer, such as canola oil, flaxseed oil, and others. If you want natural flavors from your food, use high smoke point oils for cooking on your Griddle.

Can water clean your Griddle?

Yes! Water is the only and best option for cleaning your Griddle properly. Cleaning the Griddle surface is best done when it is still hot, immediately after cooking, to remove the stains completely.

Can you leave Oil on your Griddle?

Yes, you can, but not the one you used for cooking on your Griddle. Cleaning your Griddle of all the grease from cooking is important; season your griddle with oil before storage.


There are several liquids or ingredients you can put in Griddle squirt bottles. You can put water, oil, mayonnaise, sour cream, and other ingredients into squirt bottles. If you want to get the right amount of seasoning on the surface of your Blackstone, you should use a squirt bottle.

Squirt bottles save you the stress of always having to pour liquid or seasoning randomly into your food, Presentation of meals after cooking is enhanced when you use squirt bottles. With squirt bottles, no leakages again. It holds just enough seasoning you need for grilling.

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