Why Does the Bottom of my Grill Rust Out

Why Does the Bottom of my Grill Rust Out

A grill is an amazing cooking ware for foods such as steak, eggs, pizza, and lots more. It is something you’d want to have for a long time. When a grill is not properly maintained, the bottom of your grill will rust.

Rust is common damage that happens to griddles. How long your grill lasts depends on the durability of what it is made of and how well you maintain it. We provide more information about why grills rust below.

How do you prevent the bottom of your grill from rusting out? There are several ways to keep your Grill from rusting. Cleaning your grill after use is important to remove all the stains and residue. When you clean properly, your Grill is safe from rust.

Why is Your Grill’s Bottom Rusted?

The bottom of Grills rust because of residues left after cooking, especially when it is not properly cleaned out. No doubt water causes metal to rust, too, including salt water and other sensitive chemicals.

Even though you follow some precautions, your Grill might rust. Nevertheless, that should not stop you from taking safety measures to keep the bottom of the Grill from rusting. Knowing the causes of rust and how to prevent it is advisable.

Here are four reasons why your Grill may be prone to rust;


I know you might be surprised and wondering…why heat?. Too much heat on your Grill can cause the hardware to contract, allowing it to rust. When the metal starts to crack, it will begin to rust before you know it. High temperatures can be risky for your Grill, and you may want to keep the temperature on medium.


Another major and common reason why your Grill rust is because of moisture, especially water. Liquids generally can make the bottom of your grill rust.


Residues from cooking food on your Grill can cause rust to start forming on it. When you cook on your Grill, and food juices stick on it after, your Grill will start rusting if it is not cleaned well. Some foods are acidic therefore affecting the metal of the Grill.


Grills can rust when chemicals get on them. Some cooking ingredients, especially salt, can cause your Grill to rust. Always clean your Grill by rinsing the chemicals off it; that way, your Grill won’t rust.

How to Prevent the Bottom of your Grill from Rusting

Do you want to prevent your Grill from rusting? There are several methods to help you do that. Here is a list of the best ways to successfully prevent your Grill from corroding;

Cover your grill

When you need to use your Grill, you should cover it up. Most people like keeping their Grill outdoors. If you like to store your Grill outdoors, I advise you get a cover.

High humidity is a major cause of rust, especially when you store your Grill outside. Also, when your Grill is left open, it gets unnecessary moisture causing rust to form on your Griddle. Invest in a cover to prevent the bottom of your Grill from rusting.

Clean Properly after Use

Cleaning it after every use is a good way to prevent rust from forming on your grill. When you clean your Grill, you get the debris or residues from the food off your Grill. Food residues being left on Grills allows them to embrace rust gradually. I recommend you clean the Grill after cooking to prevent rust.

Dry your Grill Thoroughly

There is no way you cook and not get moisture on your Grill. Sometimes it could be the water from cleaning your Grill. You should dry your grill completely from every moisture or water.

Always inspect your Grill well just in case of moisture. Water might have hidden in some parts of your Grill, and you might not notice. You can use paper towels to dry your Grill; it helps you get the moisture faster.

Preserve your Grill Grates

The crate is a vital part of a Grill. It can rust when it is not properly maintained. To preserve your Grill grates, rub oil on them so they will be safe from rust. Rubbing oil on Grill crates is highly recommended.

You do not need to rub on too much oil; you only need little oil, a thin layer on the crate. After using your Grill, you should clean it before you rub oil on it and store it away. Avoid pouring oil directly from cans; some canned oils can be flammable. You can use a dishcloth to rub the oil onto your Grill for safety.

Store your Grill in the Garage

You can store your Grill in the garage whenever you are not using it. The weather can worsen, leading to high humidity and moisture on your Grill.

Are you staying where it rains often? Keep your grill inside. When your Grill is open to moisture, it allows your Grill to be prone to rust. You can repel rust by using a rust-resistant cover for your Grill before storing it.

Precautions to take to prevent Rust

  • Do not use harsh tools and chemicals to clean your Grill. Avoid using salt, especially.
  • Only store your Grill outside by covering it with a lid.
  • Keep your Grill indoors whenever there’s heavy rain.
  • Always dry your Grill after use and oil it after grilling.
  • If rust is starting to form on your Grill, remove it immediately when you notice it. The longer it stays on the Grill, the more it spreads.

How to Remove Rust

If rust begins appearing on your Grill, you should get it off before it worsens. You can remove rust with a sponge or steel wool, depending on the type of Grill you have. There is a steel grill and cast iron grills.

Cast Iron Grills are stronger than steel grills, so it is best to use wire wool to remove the rust on them.


Making your Grill rust-proof can only be possible when you follow the right precautions. You should always clean your Grill and rub oil on it after drying it.

Although sometimes your Grill might still get rusty, it can be removed. Do not hesitate to remove rust from your Grill whenever you see rust forming. Get a cover for your Grill to keep it from moisture and humidity.

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