Why is Blackstone Griddle Not Getting Hot

Why is Blackstone Griddle Not Getting Hot

Blackstone Griddles are quite popular because of their durability and how it allows you to cook easily. They have unique and excellent features that make your cooking experience amazing. You sure want a good grill to make various delicacies, including eggs, steak, and more.

You have to allow your Griddle to be hot before grilling on it. Only when your Griddle heats up can you enjoy cooking on it. When your Blackstone Griddle is not getting hot, then something is wrong.

Are you looking to know why your Blackstone is not hot enough? Then, you are in the right place! This article provides all the information you are looking for.

5 Reasons Why Your Blackstone is not Getting Hot

If you are wondering why your grill is not hot enough, here are some major reasons why it is not getting hot;

Improper Assembly

Is it your first time using a Blackstone Griddle? If your Griddle is not hot, then it may have to do with how it is assembled. Oftentimes, new Blackstone users do not properly assemble their Griddle as they should.

Not properly assembling a Blackstone is one of the reasons why it is not heating up. It might have heating issues when you don’t follow the manual guidelines on setting up your Griddle.

Don’t worry too much if setting up the Blackstone is challenging. Read your Griddle’s instructions in the manual to set it properly. If you are still not getting it, you can call the customer helpline to ask questions.

Although not all Blackstones are assembled when parched, you can decide to get an already properly assembled Griddle. You can also assemble the parts all by yourself.

The Propane Tank is Either Off or Empty

Without propane, you cannot have a hot Griddle for cooking. A propane tank is a vital accessory of a Blackstone Griddle. Just like you can power a lamp without its batteries, you can get your Griddle on without fuel.

Most times, the cause of your Griddle not getting hot could be the empty propane tank. You hardly know the tank is empty until you try turning the ignition on. You should weigh your tank to know if it has enough fuel.

Also, you could have forgotten to turn on the propane tank. The Blackstone Griddle won’t be hot if the tank is shut off halfway or completely. Before cooking on your Griddle, always make sure your propane tank is turned on.

There are several safe ways to know whether your tank is empty. You can either weigh or pour hot water on the propane tank. The way hot water helps you know if it still has fuel, it will suck up the heat from the hot water poured on it. Using a gauge to check your propane tank is the easiest; it will show you exactly how much fuel you have left.

An issue With the Ignition

The ignition is an essential part of your Griddle. With the ignition, you can turn on the burners of your Blackstone. Without it, you can’t get your Griddle hot. That spark you need to get the flame on is only possible with a working ignition.

Batteries power most Griddle’s ignitions. So, if the ignition of your Blackstone is not working, then the battery is either bad or not tightly fixed. Knowing where the ignition batteries are placed is easy when reading the user’s manual.

Try fixing the same batteries tightly when you figure out where the batteries are. If it is not working after you’ve done that, the batteries need to be replaced.

Even after replacing the batteries and the ignition is not working, you should check if the ignition is installed properly. The manual will help you to set it right. You should check twice or more to be sure the ignition is well installed. You can also light up the burners manually.

Some of the Burners of Your Griddle are not Working

Another reason your Blackstone Griddle may not get hot is when some burners are not working. When you heat your grill and discover that when cooking your food, it is not evenly cooking, you should check your burners.

If your Griddle is not hot, you should inspect the burners immediately. Sometimes it could be the ignition that is not properly working. Although it is not at all times that it will be an ignition issue. When it is windy, you may be unable to light up all the burners with the ignition. In this case, you should light up the other burners manually using a lighter.

It Could Be the Weather Condition

Even though Griddles are known to work whenever it is used effectively, that does not mean they cannot be affected by current weather. During winter, when it is so cold, you might not be able to get your Blackstone hot faster.

Often when it is the winter season, cooking on your Grill will be slower than usual. You will also use more fuel to heat your Griddle. If you want to cook with your Blackstone Griddle, you must be patient because it will take time. Getting an extra propane tank filled with fuel is best if you use up the first.

Other Reasons

With all the reasons listed, if your Griddle is still not heating up, then there must be something wrong with your Griddle. Although there are other reasons why it may not be hot, it is best to get it checked by an expert Blackstone repairer.

But sometimes, your Griddle might need to be replaced with a completely new one. If your Blackstone is still new, it could have had an issue before you purchased it, probably an error from the company. You can get a replacement once you contact the company.


Your Blackstone Griddle is not getting hot due to some causes. Some issues can be solved, especially when your Griddle is new. If you have had it for almost a decade, you must get a new one.

The ignition and propane tank are vital to Blackstone Griddles. Your Griddle won’t heat up if either of these faulty accessories. You should always inspect your Grill before, when and after cooking to know what could be wrong. Fix the propane tank properly and ensure all the burners are lit.

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