Why Is My Blackstone Not Lighting (Causes and Solutions)

Why Is My Blackstone Not Lighting (Causes and Solutions)

Imagine opening up your newly purchased griddle or the griddle you kept in storage for a quick meal, with your salivary glands anticipating your upcoming meal, only to turn on the griddle without it lighting.

Sounds familiar? Well, you’re definitely not alone! What if the solution is hidden beneath a knob in the form of a hollow button?

Blackstone griddles are widely used by those who enjoy cooking outdoors because of all the great features; however, most times, people get worked up when their Blackstone griddle refuses to light. The truth is that most of your griddle ignition issues are shrouded in simple fixes, which will be unraveled in this post.

Keep reading to find out where the solution lies; this guide is all you need.

Why Is My Blackstone Not Lighting? Causes and Solutions

A reliable automated ignition set-up is included in every Blackstone griddle, making the ignition process seamless. Understandably, you might be thrown off balance if your griddle won’t light automatically, and it could be such an annoying experience.

If your griddle doesn’t ignite on its own, you should know there is a malfunction lurking around the corner, and there is typically a straightforward explanation for the problem. However, before running through a long list of possible malfunctions, your first stop should be your igniter; it is necessary to ascertain if this is the issue. Doing this is the fastest and most effortless approach to rule out half of the potential problems.

Sometimes, we find ourselves in emergencies and need a quick fix; if the igniter is the problem, you can try lighting the burner manually using a match or lighter.

Ignition Needle Displacement

One common cause of your Blackstone griddle failing to light is that the ignition needle is not close enough to the burner’s fixed position within the griddle. When you turn on the igniter, the ignition needle will produce a spark if it is in the correct proximity to the ignition tubes. The igniter needle will only create a spark if it’s close to the burner tubes. The current flowing through the ignition needle is crucial to your cooking experience.

You might wonder how the ignition needle can be displaced from its position; it can get displaced if you haul your griddle negligently, hit it too roughly, or treat it with a carefree attitude. You might end up replacing more than one ignition needle, depending on the model of your griddle.


You just need to remove the needle and carefully reposition it so it is closer and rests against the ignition tube. The needle needs to be no more than a quarter of an inch from the tube to be effective. You can expect the burners to light after the needle is moved back into place, reestablishing the full functionality of the griddle.

Blocked Combustion Chambers

One possible malfunction if your griddle is not brand-new is that the combustion chambers are jammed. Obstructed burner tubes prevent gas from flowing through them, making it difficult to light the griddle. If you’ve forgotten your griddle in the storage room for a long while or are aware that your cleaning and maintenance regimen is faulty, you might want to check on your burner tubes and ensure there is no obstruction.


You don’t have to fret over this problem. Fixing your obstructed burner tubes is usually a matter of removing the hindrance, which could be rust, dust, or insects that have built up inside. If you suspect the tubes are dirty, you can use a bottle-cleaning brush to scrub them.

Wiring Issues

A typical malfunction in most electrical appliances is the wiring connection; you should look out for this if your griddle model has wires connecting the igniter to the ignition needle.  Like other electrical appliances, the griddle’s lighting process can be disrupted if a wire comes loose, damaged, or unplugged.

You should confirm if it’s unplugged from the power source if this is the occasion; easy peasy! Just attach it back to the power source. It’s a different thing entirely if the wires are damaged.


If the wires are damaged, the only solution you have is to replace them with new ones. Rather than searching for a replacement on sites like Amazon, Etsy, or eBay, you should get in touch with Blackstone, as they stock a full array of replacement components.

Battery Issues

If your griddle has a battery-operated ignition, you may need to ensure the battery isn’t the problem. Blackstone griddles typically have an electric igniter, which necessitates the presence of a power source to produce the electricity required to create the spark necessary to ignite the grates. A small battery included in the griddle’s igniter supplies the necessary power to your griddle. Your griddle will not ignite if the battery powering it is flat or dead.


There’s no need to freak out because this is a straightforward issue you can fix by swapping in a new battery. Depending on the type of flat-top grill, the battery may be hidden behind the igniter button or inside the dial that controls the igniter. Remove the old battery and replace it with a new one by opening the battery cover. If the battery is not installed correctly, it won’t provide power to the igniter.

Gas Flow Restriction

Another underlying reason why your Blackstone griddle isn’t lighting is gas flow restriction. There are three possible causes for this restriction, and you should look out for anyone of them; a faulty gas tank, a leaking gas line, and a defective gas regulator. You can quickly spot the regulator between the Blackstone Griddle and the gas tank.

The cooking surface will only ignite properly with enough gas circulating past the burner tubes inside the griddle. If the defect is a leaking gas line, it’s possible that this is a major, risky issue and needs fixing ASAP, so no one gets hurt.


If the gas leak is at the regulator or gas tubes, replacing it with a good one should solve the problem, and if it’s the gas tank that’s defective, you should consider getting a new one.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to brood over your Blackstone griddle not igniting, because the problem is probably quite elementary, and the solution should be reasonably straightforward. You need first to figure out why it won’t light; before you know it, the issue is fixed.

Peradventure, you’ve tried all we listed in this guide, and your flat-top grill still won’t light up; your best bet is to contact Blackstone customer support for further diagnostics and solutions.

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